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Redefine your travel experience in 2022 – Where to go next


Planning a new holiday requires a new approach and a lot of thrill.

Where should you travel in 2022? The best places to travel this year haven’t really changed in the past years. But there are questions that everyone asks, whether there are any travel restrictions, which places to avoid, etc. Here are some choices, like the dreamy Caribbean Islands, which are worthy of a bucket-list trip. Turn your 2022 dream trips into reality. 

Planning a new holiday requires a new approach and a lot of thrill! 

The Caribbean
The Caribbean is a true paradise for those looking for gorgeous landscapes and unforgettable experiences. You don’t need an excuse to visit this place; the Caribbean is wonderful to explore, like no other. It’s a magnificent landscape between mountains, rivers, tropical rainforests, nature reserves, beaches, and waterfalls. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy there, like cycling, horse riding, diving, trekking, and rafting. 

Cancun, Mexico
As you already know, Cancun is the official party capital of Mexico, with fantastic beaches and access to the Caribbean Sea. There are plenty of things to do in Cancun, apart from going to beach parties. Those who don’t like crowded places might seek another place to visit. But if you’re more adventurous, snorkeling in the blue Caribbean water is an activity you’ll never forget or miss if you visit Cancun. As already mentioned, Cancun has the best nightlife. The city is known for its crazy parties, especially during spring-summer, when students across the world travel to Mexico. 

Also, if you plan to visit Playa Del Carmen, it’s recommended to book ahead of the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen – it’s the safest and easiest way to reach the destination. Playa Del Carmen is a vibrant place where you can relax or live the Caribbean dream! 

Crete, Greece
The Greek Islands have long been among people’s favorite destinations. Out of the 227 islands in the Archipelago, Crete is the largest one, and it truly deserves to be seen. It’s a place where you’ll finally see those breathtaking Instagram pictures with blue roofs and white houses. Crete has a Mediterranean climate, so summers are extremely hot. If you love the sun, the best time to visit Crete is between June and September. 

Edinburgh, Scotland 
Well, you probably didn’t expect to see this place on this list. But just as sunseekers, some simply love a rainy city and cold weather. Edinburgh is buzzing with energy! There’s so much more to Edinburgh than it meets the eyes. The weather in the Scottish capital is chilly fog, so prepare yourself to get a bit of a shiver. 

Some men in Scotland wear skirts, so you better mind your manners and don’t stare too much! Instead, you could make a compliment and say how much you love their culture and history. Honestly, they can look outstanding! However, remember that nobody goes to Scotland for the pleasant weather! You either seek history and culture or choose another place to visit!

These are the most popular holiday ideas for you to try in 2022!

Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash

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