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Regenerative Travel releases White Paper on Regenerative Principles For Hospitality


A practical framework to ensure Regenerative Travel is not a buzzword but a paradigm shift.

HONG KONG/LONDON/NEW YORK - Regenerative Travel, a benefit corporation providing support services to a network of independently owned eco-luxury boutique hotels who are dedicated to the highest levels of social and environmental impact, released a white paper as a “primer for regenerative travel.” This paper leverages case studies from hotels like Fogo Island Inn, Great Plains Conservation, and Six Senses (complete list of hotels below) who might be practicing regeneration without explicitly using the terminology; plus a lexicon of “regenerative terminology” so readers can go from the theoretical to the practical applications of Regenerative Travel as a force for positive change. This paper is authored by the Co-founder of Regenerative Travel, Amanda Ho, and produced by CatchOn, a Finn Partners Company.

The paper draws on Regenerative Travel’s thought leadership as champions of regenerative solutions within the travel industry, as well as Conscious Travel’s Anna Pollock’s 45-year background as one of the leading proponents of regenerative tourism. Anna Pollock, Bill Reed of the Regenesis Group (a leading firm in regenerative design), and David Leventhal, Co-founder of Regenerative Travel and owner of Playa Viva, provide an inspiring introduction challenging us to think of regeneration as “the opportunity to re-think our role as gardeners or stewards of life on this planet.”

The white paper provides a practical framework for moving Regenerative Travel from buzzword to paradigm shift. Case studies from hotels detail how tourism can act as a healing force and transformative change agent, especially as we move from the current threat of the COVID-19 pandemic to the next imminent threat of climate change. Stakeholders include hoteliers, industry leaders, trade, media, travel designers, travelers and especially the local communities most impacted by travel. The white paper aims to create an industry reference to define what regenerative principles are in order to create the paradigm shift for all stakeholders.

“Regeneration is aspirational in nature, so you can always be more eco, more green, more sustainable, and more regenerative. Each of these is not mutually exclusive but inclusive,” says Portia Hart, Standard Bearer of Regenerative Travel.

“Our goal with this paper was to explore how travel and hospitality enterprises can benefit both their surrounding area and the local communities, without causing further damage. Tourism should not be regarded as a goal in and of itself, but rather as a means to contribute to our social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being,” says Anna Pollock, founder of Conscious Travel.

Reflecting on the objective of the white paper, Amanda Ho, Co-founder of Regenerative Travel noted: “We hope to encourage the spread of regenerative tourism and to ensure more people (travelers and locals alike) are able to reap the rewards of tourism. In a time of great uncertainty affecting all areas of life, we at Regenerative Travel believe that tourism can be a transformative force to bring about positive changes within our economy, society and environment.”

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