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Registrations for TTG Travel experience up 39%, the 2021 edition is already a success


Big names and all indicators on the increase for IEG’s show at Rimini Expo Centre (Italy) from 13th to 15th October 2021, organized alongside SIA Hospitality Design and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style.

RIMINI (ITALY) – TTG Travel Experience shines in the summer sun. A “sun” that IEG – Italian Exhibition Group – will make shine at its show, to be held this year from 13th to 15th October, on the business of every sector operator at Rimini Expo Centre in Italy thanks to an edition that promises to be excellent and which marks, to date, a +39% increase in registrations compared to the previous year. 

TTG, organized to run alongside SIA Hospitality Design and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style is the largest tourism marketplace in Italy. The 2021 edition will occupy a total of 12 halls with top-level participations already confirmed and an extraordinary appeal between product and services. Just a few names from the list of companies that will be taking part in the 58th TTG Travel Experience. For Tourism Boards: Slovenia, Morocco, Qatar, Greece and Croatia; for tourist establishments: Bluserena, TH Resorts, Human Company, Blu Hotels, Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, Zacchera Service, Gruppo UNA, Barceló Hotel Group and Best Western Italia; and, still within the tour operator and network area: Nicolaus Tour / Valtur, Futura vacanze, Gattinoni Travel Network, KEL 12 Tour Operator and Uvet American Express

Hosted in the Contract Hall, the 70th edition of SIA Hospitality Design has already received confirmations   from big names like Colombini Group and Pollini; others include Per Dormire and Permaflex for supplies; while Allegrini, 5 Stelle, Indel B and Stark have already registered in the technologies and services cluster. Important adhesions have also arrived for the 39th SUN Beach&Outdoor Style. Among others, the SUN Mare area will include: Ramberti, Tessitura Fabbri, Tessitura Selva, Ombrellificio Magnani, P.F.G, Tecnopress, Migani Industrie, 12 Living; and SUN Camping will see: Bio Habitat, Pircher, Pacchiani and Holz.

For tour operators and hotels, which are confidently looking forward to the Green Pass and a resumption of international flights to re-balance market flows, three key words are set to redefine the tourist product for summer 2021: health safety, open spaces to enjoy and explore by bike, and tailor-made experiences, all of which confirm the trends for 2021 outlined by Vision TTG last year.

"Federalberghi Penisola Sorrentina," says Gino Acampora, President of Acampora Travel, "has signed an agreement with the University of Naples Federico II and private operators in order to have medical staff available to respond to any critical situations on holiday. But we are still feeling the absence of the European Green Pass and for now, both the United States and the British are moving their bookings to autumn or 2022. The offer of events, even small ones, will be fundamental for Southern Italian destinations to lengthen the season."
"At the moment," explains Sergio Testi, General Manager of Gattinoni Travel Network, "Italy as a destination is worth more than 50% of our turnover with seaside locations covering 95% of bookings. Next Greece and Spain with 25% of our turnover. The other 25% is subdivided between Egypt, the Maldives and the USA, which is showing signs of recovery. In this context, consumers are changing their habits and the offer is consequently changing: entertainment is no longer in first place having been ousted by a desire for nature and wellbeing. Insurance policies are being taken out more frequently, not necessarily to cover cancellations but in case of a possible early return."

"After a year of pandemic," Roberto Pagliara, President of Gruppo Nicolaus sums up, "the importance of tourist intermediation to guarantee travellers with assistance, professionalism and safety has increased. Those who have been able to work on the brand now have a head start in terms of audience whatever the booking channel may be. For example, we have worked on flexible bookings that foresee reviewing the booking up to 21 days before the departure date and a modular type of insurance with various levels of guarantee that 85% of our customers are adhering to."

Sara Digiesi, Chief Marketing Officer at BWH Hotel Group Italia explains, "Human contact is necessary at the booking stage. Customers expect a human voice to give them information and assurances. After that, the digital service takes precedence during the holiday. In terms of holiday experiences, bike tourism is proving to be the most engaging and is now combined with comfort services and accommodation, wine and food stopovers, especially in Veneto but also in the Langhe area."

Digital technology plays a key role in defining the tourist offer, as Angelo Guaragni, Director of Zucchetti Hospitality, explains: "We have flanked our CRS applications with revenue management apps to optimize room tariffs and advanced digital marketing tools as well as solutions for managing facility access with digital keys on smartphones.  Moreover, we have also launched an analysis system called ZDatalake, which is able to group all the data referring to booking intentions that transit on Zucchetti platforms. Used by over 15,000 hotels, it can provide our customers with up-to-date information on tourist flow trends, for example, the main destinations, stay duration and expense budget, to help them decide how to adjust their offer strategy to the best advantage".

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