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Revealed: The most sought-after family holidays in the UK


Holiday cottage company analyses search data which reveals Cornwall as the most searched for family holiday destination in the UK. Data also shows that Cornwall makes the top 3 international family holiday destinations.

With data from Stay In Cornwall showing demand for family holidays is up 143% year-on-year, the holiday cottage company has analysed search data to reveal the destinations that are most sought after for their long-awaited reunions. The research shows the most searched for destinations both in the UK and internationally, and the types of holiday people search for too. 

The research revealed Cornwall as an all-round favourite, topping the UK list. 

Top 10 UK family holiday destinations

  • Cornwall family holidays – 1300 searches per month
  • Lake District family holidays – 590
  • Devon/Isle of Wight family holidays – 480
  • Norfolk family holidays – 390
  • Dorset family holidays – 320

Cornwall also appeared in the top 3 of the international list after Spain and Greece and above destinations like Ibiza. Scotland closely followed in 4th place. 

Top global family holiday destinations

  • Spain - 1900 searches per month
  • Greece - 1600
  • Cornwall - 1300
  • Scotland - 1000
  • Ibiza - 1000

Stay in Cornwall also analysed the types of holiday that families search for the most. ‘Family ski holidays’ and ‘luxury family holidays’ both topped the list with 1300 searches a month which shows the desire for families to treat themselves with the very best when planning their family holidays.

Top family holiday types

  • Family ski holidays/Luxury family holidays - 1300
  • Family adventure holidays - 1000
  • Family activity holidays - 880
  • Family holidays abroad - 880
  • Family beach holidays - 720

Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at Stay in Cornwall, commented: “It’s been a long time since family holidays have been able to go ahead but it’s encouraging to see that so many people are thinking about getting everyone back together again. 

“The data has been really interesting to analyse, and we know that so many people are considering UK staycations this year, especially here in Cornwall! With lots of fantastic destinations making the top 10, hopefully these findings will inspire more families to book long-awaited getaways here in the UK.” 

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