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Saar Zafrir Design channels 1980’s charisma with the unveiling of the ReMIX Hotels, Paris


Inspired by the 1980’s pop song ‘Forever Young’, the 259-room-hotel exudes an energy of nostalgia and mischief, awash with contrasting colours and textural materials.

PARIS - London-based interior design studio Saar Zafrir Design has unveiled its first Parisian hospitality project, The ReMIX Hotel, a four-star hotel on the Rive Droite in Paris, which opened this month. Commissioned by Schroder Real Estate to completely redesign the existing property, Saar Zafrir Design has worked to transport guests back in time with a colourful and nostalgic interior reminiscent of the 1980s.

The concept of The ReMIX Hotel revolves around codes of music, with 80’s hit ‘Forever Young’ by Alphaville manifesting as the ‘soundtrack’ to the hotel's design, remixed with modern day version by Jay-Z & Mr. Hudson. The significance of the song has determined the entire narrative for the hotel, which emanates a mischievous, playful energy mixed with nostalgic 80’s vibes and design references. With original memorabilia from the era scattered throughout and an amalgamation of contrasting colours, textures and unique, custom made furnishings, Saar Zafrir Design has reworked the essence of the 80’s tune into a modern day design concept.

The remodelled hotel encompasses 259 stylish rooms accommodating from single occupancy up to seven people, a lobby bar and casual dining lounge, a co-working space, meeting and banquet rooms and ‘old-school’ gaming area reminiscent of 1980’s arcades. Upon entering The ReMIX Hotel, guests are greeted by a reception desk constructed from original cassette tapes slotted together, finished with a sophisticated marble top. The self-check-in facility is set into an original arcade machine, and in the lobby bar, a wall of old, analogue televisions stacked upon each other broadcast 24 hour content through advanced video mapping technology.

With a truly unique design concept, 90% of the furniture has been designed and custom made by Saar Zafrir Design, including the neon wall signs, original artworks, wooden furnishings, light fixtures, and wallpapers and rugs referencing popular culture of the era. Saar Zafrir, says: “My team spent a great deal of time trawling through flea markets and vintage stores, searching for original pieces from the 80’s to give the hotel a real sense of place. Our mission is to give guests an experience whilst visiting The ReMIX Hotel, for them to have fun and escape the reality of today, if only for a little while”.

Each of the 259 rooms feature a lavish, emerald green velvet bed and headboard set against a dimpled, charcoal grey wall and ceiling made of acoustic foam panel. 1980’s style motifs decorate the rooms, such as vintage rotary style dial telephones in powder pink, cobalt blue cassette players, neon green signage and custom made, illustrated wallpaper etched with ‘Forever Young’ song lyrics. Parquet flooring and white marble bathrooms balance out the design, adding an air of elegance to the cheerful chambers.

Without doubt, the lobby is the heart and soul of The ReMIX Hotel. A contrasting colour palette ignites the space, with plush, velvet chairs and sofas in mustard yellow, mint green and dusty pink resting against a backdrop of shiny, tiled walls mixed with exposed concrete elements. The lobby’s flooring incorporates traditional parquet with flashes of monochrome tiles interspersed with multicoloured, custom-made rugs and scattered with original marble top tables. A nod to the timeless street lights of Paris, shiny brass trumpet light fixtures illuminate an impressive, emerald and brass tiled bar, and rows of exposed bulbs are suspended from soft pink and mint green ceilings. The casual dining area merges into an intensely hued, flexible co-working space where teal green panelling meets shiny, pearl tiling, furnished with wood tables and leather upholstered chairs, colourful gaming inspired artworks and privacy booths separated by sheets of yellow and blue tinted glass.

Guests are encouraged to have fun at The ReMIX Hotel, which has its own games area offering table football, ping pong, pool and old school arcade machines. The space is decorated with neon signage and roller blade wallpaper designed by Zafrir himself, along with gaming-inspired artworks that imbue a playful and nostalgic essence to the space, including Nintendo characters and colourful Rubik’s Cubes. The hotel’s public spaces and walkways take guests ‘down the rabbit hole’ with tiled, monochrome chessboard effect floor and ceilings that meld into traditional, black French paneling, adorned with neon yellow signage reading song lyrics from ‘Forever Young’.

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