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Seven thrifty hacks for students to try when traveling


There are a lot of useful vouchers and offers available for students offered by airlines. These can be used to help you get discounts on your plane tickets.

Traveling can be an expensive endeavor, especially when you're a student. You're looking to save money and have a fun time, but you're also trying to keep your grades up and maintain your social life. So, how can you travel while still being thrifty? Here are 10 hacks for students to try when traveling.

Get vouchers and offers
There are a lot of useful vouchers and offers available for students offered by airlines like Cathay Pacific. These can be used to help you get discounts on your plane tickets. One of the best ways to stretch your travel budget is to take advantage of the discounts and deals airlines offer. These discounts can include free flights and hotel stays, free upgrades, free meals, and free baggage. Get the most out of your travel budget by signing up for airlines' e-mail newsletters and following them on social media. When airlines have sales, they will often announce them on their social channels, so if you can't find a deal on the airline's website, check out their social channels for possible special offers.

Book tickets ahead when prices are low
The best time to book flight tickets is approximately two months in advance. Many people don't know that airline tickets often go through price cycles. If you keep an eye on prices and book your tickets ahead when they are low, you can save a lot of money. Some airlines even offer price guarantees. But, it's important to note that the price cycle generally occurs on a weekly basis. Ideally, you should book your flight tickets on Wednesday or Thursday, at around 3 pm.

Carry your student ID
Whether you are traveling by train or plane, showing your student ID when booking tickets will often get you a cheaper rate. The best part of this hack is that it works not only for college students but also for high school students. It can even help you qualify for accommodation and food discounts when you are abroad. This hack will come in handy when traveling to another state or country on a budget.

Opt for organized and light packing
Packing for a trip can be a tedious task. You have to keep in mind a lot of things, count items, and ensure that you have everything that you and your friends or family would need. When you are packing for a trip, you will try to get things done quickly, and the last thing that you would want is to get stuck in a place like an airport because of your luggage.

If you are traveling for a short trip, then you may prefer to take a light load. However, you can still keep your clothes organized by dividing them into smaller compartments. This will make your clothes look more organized, and you can easily pull out the clothes you want to wear for the day. One of the best ways to keep your clothes organized is to purchase packing cubes. Packing cubes are flexible organizers that can be used to segregate your clothes and other essential travel items. They come in different sizes and can be easily zipped up to avoid wrinkles.

Have copies of your documents
You're so excited to be on your way to paradise finally, and you've got your boarding pass for your flight, and then you get that call from the airline. "Uh, yeah, Miss/Mister, there seems to be a problem with your ticket. The name on the ticket doesn't match the name on your ID." This scenario is devastating, but it's a very common occurrence. It's the reason why you should always have copies of your documents on you. Whether it's a copy of your ID, boarding pass, or even your itinerary, you should have multiple copies of all your travel docs on you at all times. You never know when one of them will be needed.

You're going to need a copy for the airline, a copy for the customs agent, and a copy for the hotel. If you have multiple copies, you can leave one with your friend who is staying behind and have them mail it back to you when you get home.

Research cheap or free of cost accommodation
When you're a student, you don't have a lot of cash to throw around. Sometimes you even need to find a good student flights offer and free or cheap accommodation. While this can be a little harder than it sounds, it's not impossible. Whether you're looking for cheap hotels, hostels, or free accommodation, there are plenty of ways to save money on your travel expenses.  In fact, there are many websites that specialize in helping students find free accommodation. In addition, there are also plenty of cheap or free hostels in big cities like Paris, London, Montreal, and New York.  

It's always good to look into the accommodation options before going on a trip. Many students want to travel on a budget, so it's important to know where you can get a good deal on accommodation. One of the best ways to do this is to look at hostels and other similar accommodation options. This is great for students because it offers a place for them to stay for a low price. The best way to find a cheap hostel is by using a site such as Hostelworld. They have a list of hostels all over the world. 

Place essentials in a different bag
Many students are guilty of overpacking when they travel. There doesn't seem to be a need to limit what you bring when you're going away for the weekend, right? Wrong! Overpacking can not only be a hassle to lug around, but it can also cause your suitcase to be overweight. By packing an extra bag, you can store many of your essential belongings in the second one, making it easier to travel. Whether it's an extra pair of clothes or your laptop, having a second bag to store your extras in can make traveling more convenient.

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