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Seven types of English writing styles: Complete guide


To better improve your English writing skills, finding online English Tutors would certainly boost the learning process. You can also find online Spanish Tutors as well on AmazingTalker! So let’s begin.

English reflects global communication and that is the main reason behind its importance. Besides speaking English, it is crucial for you to learn English writing at the same time. This will enhance and build up your productivity profile on top of everything.

When you are fluent in speaking and writing English, you are just valued everywhere. That is mainly because of the increase in this prime language demand. Besides, it is fathomable that non-native English speakers will have a hard time learning to write English properly, but there is a way through.

It will require you to satisfy all the basics of the language in writing like types of writing for instance. This will allow you to build an impeccable command over your English writing functionality at the end of the day. 

To better improve your English writing skills, finding online English Tutors would certainly boost the learning process. You can also find online Spanish Tutors as well on AmazingTalker! So let’s begin,

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Narrative
  3. Descriptive
  4. Expository
  5. Persuasive
  6. Compare and Contrast
  7. Reflective
  8. Personal

1. Narrative writing
A type of writing that tells a story in different forms. For this, you will need to understand the idea of a narrative that explains the story. You can find narrative in stories or essays for instance. In addition, there are five elements that constitute narratives. These elements are,

  • Plot
  • Setting 
  • Character 
  • Conflict 
  • Theme 

Narrative writing is put to test when it comes to storytelling where you become a narrator. Narrations can exhibit real or fictional existence.

2. Descriptive writing
It is an important aspect of writing where an author uses a set of instructions or details to draw imagery through words. By incorporating appropriate details, this writing can promote better understanding in the mind of a reader. 
So this form of writing is put to practical use when you wish to ingrain a reader with extensive details about the subject under consideration. It’s like capturing enough details about an event or subject to build a pictorial representation in a reader’s mind.

3. Expository writing
Here comes a very crucial format of writing that exposes facts through words. In this writing domain, a writer intends to educate the reader with facts and figures regarding the relevant subject. Mostly, expository writing is put to action when writing reports or factual articles where educating gets the prime focus.
In addition, you might find yourself using this writing in academic tasks where education comes first.

4. Persuasive writing
A form of writing where the writer uses his persuasive skills to align readers with his opinion. You will mostly see such writings where the author will intrigue a reader to agree with an opinion given. So there are many mediums where you can implement this form of writing.
Mostly, you can use persuasive writing when you wish to take stance on a certain issue that needs addressal. 

5. Compare and contrast in writing
You will mostly find such writing in essays where two similar subjects are discussed. In this writing style, both differences and similarities of a subject is to be discussed to draw a comparison. This is a great option to show a connection or separation between two concepts or ideas.
You can imply this writing style to compare two similar subjects for your unique purpose of argument.

6. Reflective writing
It is another form of writing where the writer describes a certain event or a thought with personal reflection. That just adds to the basic meaning of the thought put forward by the author. Also, Its purpose is to make the addition of personal experiences to nurture comprehension. You will find such writings in personal reviews for instance.

7. Personal writing
It is a writing domain that denotes autobiographical work in a conversational style. So some famous people just like to record their personal life happenings, so others can learn from their experiences. It also develops a sense of intimacy between the reader and the writer.

Excel in writing
At times, writing demands perfection and uncanny balance. This is something that you can never achieve without exploring the depth of writing in the English language. Our above writing categories will allow you to learn English writing with a purpose and intent.
In addition, these formats of writing will nurture a professional character inside your mind. Writing in extensive formats is a gift that you can implement in any work field as per requirements. You will always remain in a steady position to cope with any work type with these English writing styles under your command.  

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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