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Sightline Hospitality selects ProfitSword to deploy customized business intelligence and performance forecasting solution


Full-service hotel management company uses market slowdown to upgrade internal systems and partners with ProfitSword to provide hotel ownership with maximum performance transparency.

SAN FRANCISCO - ProfitSword, a premier developer of hospitality-related business intelligence and data integration software, has announced the successful implementation of their customizable, fully intuitive business intelligence platform for Sightline Hospitality. A rapidly expanding hotel management company that adopts an outside the box approach to maximizing revenue for its hotel owners, Sightline Hospitality’s partnership with ProfitSword ensures that the company can effortlessly identify areas for property business growth while ensuring that stakeholders always stay informed on the latest performance analytics.

Taking advantage of the current industry downturn to enhance operational systems across its hotel portfolio, Sightline Hospitality prioritized the need to develop a customized solution that could meet the unique business intelligence needs of individual properties. Identifying ProfitSword as the leading innovator of business intelligence technology for hospitality, Sightline worked with the provider to develop a platform offering granular level detail on the real-time performance of each hotel location and their various departments. This is achieved through the implementation of a database that can integrate with multiple performance data-generating systems to instantly present analytics via a single user-friendly dashboard. Access to the dashboard can be tailored to meet specific user needs, ensuring that hotel employees and company leadership can easily locate and analyze performance metrics relevant to their responsibilities while providing property owners with complete transparency over business health and growth.

“Each hotel location has its own performance needs and each owner has specific growth goals, so we are extremely pleased to now have a BI system that is completely flexible and that is easy to understand and use for each of our various stakeholders,” said Warren Cruz, Chief Financial Officer at Sightline Hospitality. “ProfitSword’s industry-leading expertise in developing custom-tailored business intelligence platforms ensures that our hotel owners always know exactly how their businesses are performing while drastically reducing the time employees spend identifying revenue growth opportunities.”

As a solution that offers the ability to seamlessly forecast future business performance, ProfitSword’s technology also plays a central role in Sightline Hospitality’s company expansion efforts. When evaluating a potential new hotel partnership, the company is able to leverage the ProfitSword database to instantly retrieve analytics for similarly-situated properties that are already a part of the Sightline portfolio. Using such data, Sightline Hospitality can create detailed, five-year line by line proformas demonstrating projected performance once a property officially becomes a part of its portfolio.

“ProfitSword has been a tremendously valuable partner in creating a customized BI solution specifically for Sightline Hospitality. We look forward to passing on the value of our relationship to our hotel owners and employees,” said Kirk Pederson, President of Sightline Hospitality.

“Hotel business success hinges on the ability to ensure the seamless and timely communication of actionable data and with its customized business intelligence platform, Sightline Hospitality now has the tools needed to achieve total performance transparency and accountability,” said Paul Bennie, Director of Business Development at ProfitSword. “Now able to sidestep time-consuming data gathering and verifying processes, the company can always ensure that they are acting in the best interests of their hotel owners using business plans that take any upcoming opportunities or risks into full account and that can be swiftly deployed before the time to respond is missed.”

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