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SilverRail launches its first market insight report


A clear view of the UK rail market and its travellers.

SilverRail, the technology company powering global rail with its next generation retailing and distribution platform, has published its first UK Rail Market Insights Report. The report offers a comprehensive look at the UK’s rail industry today, offering insights into rail usage, ticketing, comparisons across Europe, passenger satisfaction levels, investments and more.

The report, compiled and written by SilverRail, is entitled: “Jumping the Barriers:  A simplified view of the UK rail market and its travellers”. It will be available for free download on SilverRail’s website here.

There are three clear goals behind the production of the report. To give a clear, bird’s-eye view of the UK rail market; to provide key statistics and data to help understand today’s traveller and their sentiments attached to rail in comparison to air, and to highlight market trends in traveller behaviour with increased online rail adop­tion.

It delivers these insights across five chapters, looking into UK market trends; rail versus air options; understanding traveller behaviour; traveller satisfaction and ticket segmentation. Each chapter goes into detail on the topic, providing statistical data, charts, diagrams and analysis from SilverRail.

“We’re very proud of the level of detail this Report provides on the state of the UK rail market” comments Cameron Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at SilverRail. “Some of the information in here - particularly around purchasing behaviour and the UK’s reliance on station ticket offices and station ticket vending machines – gives an interesting insight into the British public’s relationship with rail travel.”

“Our belief is that this Report will quickly become a go-to resource on rail, and rail developments within the UK. We hope that the broader industry will benefit from the insights it provides, and that train operating companies, online travel agencies, industry influencers and members of the government will use it to inform their strategy, benchmark performance and influence change. Of course, we will be sharing it with our clients and partners – players like Expedia, National Express, Stagecoach, Govia, Concur and National Rail Enquiries – but we think anyone with an interest in the industry will want to download the Report.”

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