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Simpleview announces strategic partnership with SendSites


The duo seeks to streamline the sales process for group sales professionals.

TUCSON, ARIZ. - Simpleview, the global destination marketing industry’s leading provider of integrated marketing solutions, has partnered with SendSites to provide high-quality, web-based proposals to group sales professionals. 

Built specifically for the hospitality industry, SendSites proposals streamline the proposal development process by enabling sales professionals to quickly and easily create branded RFP proposals for conventions, tradeshows and other events. 

“With the unfortunate circumstances surrounding COVID-19, a lot of organizations have been forced to cut down their sales teams this year. We believe that SendSites proposals will help those teams to maximize efficiency by spending less time doing administrative work, and more time making those one-one-one connections with meeting and event planners,” said Eric Rankin, Vice President of Product Development for Simpleview. 

Rankin continued, “We spent a lot of time exploring the available options to find the best solution for our clients. After extensive research and user feedback, we are confident that SendSites is that solution.” 

SendSites proposals are unique in that they enable salespeople to create curated RFP responses tailored to the audience in question. Additionally, SendSites’ real-time analytics will notify the salesperson whenever a prospect opens a proposal or interacts with its content. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the team at Simpleview,” said Theron Gore, Founder & CEO at SendSites. “Over the last few years we’re really focused our efforts on catering to the hospitality industry and providing destination group sales professionals with a solution that works for their current needs and helps to modernize the sales process.”

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