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Six reasons why North Africa is an excellent travel destination


Here are 6 reasons why you need to add it to your travel itinerary today.

In years past, travel to Africa has experienced a slight lull in tourism. This is for a variety of reasons, with the pandemic being the most recent. But with so much on offer and travel bans being lifted, North Africa has so much to offer. From wildlife safaris to immersive cultural experiences and more, North Africa has some of the best experiences the continent has to offer. Here are 6 reasons why you need to add it to your travel itinerary today!

1. Unique cities
Africa is packed with some of the oldest cosmopolitan cities. Morocco’s Marrakesh is only one example of the many amazing ancient cities the northern part of this continent has to offer. It is a densely packed, medieval city with a maze of alleys and thriving markets many of which date back to the Berber empire. Cairo is another cosmopolitan city and with expertly created Egypt Tours you’ll get to see more than just the pyramids from your hotel window. It is packed with centuries of history that are quite literally layered on top of each other. With a variety of different cultural influences, it is truly a marvel to behold and is packed with some of the most stunning ancient architecture. 

2. Stunning beaches
North Africa has some beautiful beaches. One of the most unique and, a must-see, is any located along the Red Sea. The red sea offers visitors some of the best dive sites in the world including Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef, where you can catch a glimpse of grey reef sharks. If you are a certified diver, you can explore fascinating shipwrecks dating back to the Second World War and dive alongside your bucket list animals as they play around pristine coral reefs. 

For some of the most healthy coral reefs, you should definitely consider visiting Ras Mohammed National Park. This is one of the most famous dive destinations along the Red Sea and is the oldest national park in Egypt. 

3. Geological wonders
Did you know that Africa has its own list of natural wonders? 3 of Africa’s 7 natural wonders are located in the north of the continent. We’ve already mentioned the Red Sea Reef. The other two are the Nile River and the Sahara Desert. One of the most impressive geographical wonders is the Sahara Desert as it crosses every country in North Africa. The piece that runs through Tunisia is especially interesting and is packed with accessible sights. 

For instance, the Matmata area, where the Star Wars franchise shot images for the desert planet of Tatooine, is filled with unique, old-style dwellings. There are the stone forts as well as fortified granaries that were actually built into the desert mountains and have lasted hundreds of years. There are beautiful dunes, salt lakes and you can enjoy the end of a long day by camping under the stars.

4. Camping and glamping
When we say “camping” we mean camping, glamping, and everything in between. Camping is something everyone has to experience. It grounds you and offers a closer connection to the land as well as nature. There are various different levels of camping. You can camp in a simple tent, or a rooftop tent, go on a tended overland adventure, or go glamping at a tented hotel. Not everyone likes pitching a tent at the end of a hot day, or the lack of comfort that comes with camping, which is why glamping is such a popular and excellent alternative. 

A particularly popular glamping destination is Morocco. It has some of the most luxurious glamping options out there and is an incredible experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. The clarity and view of the night sky are something you won’t forget for a long time.

5. Fascinating people and cultures
Africa is home to over 3000 different ethnic groups, each of which has its own different languages, cultures, and traditions. Everywhere you go, you are bound to interact with people who see and interact with the world in a vastly different way from you. Each of these communities has unique traditions and if you get a chance to participate in something special, be sure to take it. You won’t experience anything else quite like it somewhere else on earth. 

6. Challenging hikes
For the traveler who likes to spend their time outdoors, be sure to take a turn around the Atlas Mountains. This is a top destination for people trekking and has a variety of trails to suit a range of different capabilities. The highest peak is Jebel Toubkal, sitting at 13,667 feet, or 4,167 meters. It is one of the harder hikes, but it is definitely worth it. If you are looking for a unique experience that’ll make people say “You did what in Africa?” we suggest you visit the Oukaïmeden ski resort in the winter months. Here you can ski and snowboard in a rather unique location.

As was said, there are tons on offer in North Africa. For some of the most memorable and uniquely breathtaking experiences, we suggest you book a visit to some of these places soon. There is no time like the present.

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