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Six stylish travel bags for your next quick getaway


Here are the different stylish travel bag options that are great for your next quick escapade.

If you've missed traveling and have finally booked a ticket to your next destination, it's reasonable to feel excited and prepare early. After all, it may have been a couple of months or years since you last traveled. Even if it's just a quick trip, you're still required to pack your things and essentials in a practical and sturdy travel bag.

But with a broad selection of travel bags online and in physical stores today, it can be confusing to decide which one would suit you best. Therefore, it's best to research and be impartial with all the kinds of travel bags available on the market today. Be aware of the different types to understand which one to choose. 

Here are the different stylish travel bag options that are great for your next quick escapade: 

1. Personalized leather travel bag 
Traveling stylishly can be made possible when you carry sophisticated luggage with you. In such a case, a personalized leather travel bag does it like no other. Carrying an elegant and highly crafted leather bag allows you to stand out and maintain that luxurious and elegant look. A leather bag is always a classy choice when you travel anywhere. 

Want to take your bag to the next level? Why not get it personalized! This personalized weekender bag from designers Von Baer offers a large bag made from full grain leather, which can also be engraved with text or an image, so you can create a travel bag that's truly unique to you. 

Weekender bag from Von Baer

With your engraving on it, there won't be any possibility of losing your personal bag or having it wrongly taken by another traveler. Since it's made of pure leather, you can expect to have it last all through the years. Furthermore, you'll realize how timeless their style is because it makes you look fashionable no matter the season and year. Additionally, its durability is enough reason to convince yourself to buy this travel bag. 

2. Backpack 
Backpacks are carried on the back, as their name implies. You may have heard the term "backpackers," which refers to people who travel continents with their backpacks on their backs. Try to learn a few tips if you're a backpacking beginner. Such travelers choose this type of travel bag for obvious reasons. They usually come with two shoulder straps which allow you to carry your bag in a balanced position, making it easier to hold no matter how heavy your bag can be. 

Padded hip belts are available for backpacks that carry weight on your hips instead of your shoulders. This is an excellent modification for this kind of bag, so you won't have to suffer from the burden on your shoulders. Due to their design, these bags are more compact than other travel bags. If you're a practical and light traveler, this is the best bag option.  

You can organize your luggage easily with the backpack's number of compartments. Whether you decide to bring a laptop, shoes, or gadgets, there are enough inside pockets to store them securely.  

3. Tote travel bag 
Tote bags are also available for travelers. This sizeable carry-on bag offers a vast main space for your essentials. They come with different kinds of enclosures, like the main zipper, magnetic lock, or bag hooks. A tote bag looks and functions similar to a reusable shopping bag. Their goal is to allow you to carry large volumes of stuff all in one go. 

Tote bags usually come in large sizes, so they can accommodate all the things you need for your quick getaway. The main compartment can carry your clothes, shoes, and other essentials. However, if you intend to travel longer, a tote bag might not be enough to hold more of your stuff, but it sure is a great addition to help you bring more. Perhaps the only downside of tote bags is the few compartments available. To alleviate this, you can keep your accessories and trinkets in separate cloth bags instead of making your tote bag more organized. 

4. Duffel bag with rollers 
Duffel bags are man’s favorite travel bag. However, there’s no denying that the weight can be a burden after some hours of carrying it on your shoulder or hand. Those who want the space and sturdiness of duffel bags, but hate taking them by hand and prefer wheeled luggage, you’ll find rolling duffel bags an amazing choice. 

These bags usually look stylish and allow you to look dapper as you glide through the airport terminal. Duffel bags with rollers are available in bigger sizes than your usual duffel bags, so you can store more stuff in them. This makes it an ideal bag for longer trips. 

5. Four-wheel travel luggage 
A four-wheel travel suitcase is another popular choice for travel enthusiasts. They can be stored in the overhead bin if you choose a small size that fits the plane's compartment. These bags are available in different material types. Some come with a hard case, which is suitable if you prioritize keeping your essentials secure and safe from external elements.   

Because of the four wheels, you can maneuver the bag's movement faster and easier, despite being in a crowded airport or street. In addition, four-wheeled luggage is ideal for you if you want to travel conveniently and with no hassles. However, they could be heavy when you use stairs and need to carry them by hand. But other than that, you just need to roll them on the smooth pavements swiftly.  

6. Courier or messenger bag 
When traveling for business, you may need to carry some essential files. A courier or messenger bag can help you travel with these sensitive documents. They come in large sizes and can be worn over your shoulder, so it's convenient to carry. 

Aside from the larger sizes of messenger bags, smaller versions are also available. They can be carried across your shoulder, allowing you to move with ease. This is the perfect bag for your tours and explorations in the foreign city you're visiting. Some men also use this bag as a camera bag since there are enough compartments to hold certain things. You can travel with ease and finesse with this type of travel bag. 

In many ways, the quality of your travel experience may depend on the type of travel bag you use. Hence, it's always wise to decide which travel bag to choose beforehand. After all, your quick getaway could require you to move from one point to another, so it's best to carry a travel bag that's convenient and stylish at the same time.

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