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Six top-rated places to visit in Europe in summer


With several fascinating places in Europe, picking up a few favourites is surely an arduous task. To help you to narrow down your preferences, use this list to plan your vacations in Europe.

Traversing from France's artistic appeals to Italy's abundance of historical sights to London's magnificent buildings and cultural dynamism and remarkable architectural design present in Germany, Europe offers a lot of beautiful destinations to the visitors.

The longing to travel inevitably peaks up when vacations roll down. With several fascinating places in Europe, picking up a few favourites is surely an arduous task. To help you to narrow down your preferences, use this list to plan your vacations in Europe.

Paris, France
Paris is a diverse and cultural city that allures to the wealthy but can also be rejoiced on a budget. Along with the Eiffel Tower, Paris offers the visitors countless other elegant landmarks and monuments that enhance the magnificence of the immense avenues and their delighting cuisine, which is renowned in the world. It offers an undisputed well-known shopping arenas with a vibrant fashion lookout and plenty of captivating museums and art galleries.

London, United Kingdom
London turns out to be the best summer destination with a temperature range between 21-23°C in summers, and it is favourable to visit it between June-August. It brings in the most delightful experience as there are certainly so many places to visit in London like the British Museum, one of the world's most renowned museums. You can undoubtedly experience antique shopping at Portobello Road Market, a well-known shopping street from Notting Hill. Visiting the shard and getting a great panoramic picture of London from high-up, then comes the 95-storey skyscraper. Then comes the most glamorous niche of London Buckingham Palace and a walkthrough Richmond Park, one of London's most famous royal parks. 

Edinburgh, Scotland
An incredible blend of castles, history, amazing view, and contemporary Scottish life, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Edinburgh is known for its festivals, Queen's Royal Yacht, Britannia and terrific views at Calton Hill and its iconic Edinburgh Castle. It also caters as a source of inspiration to filmmakers, and another significant aspect is the Stone of Destiny. So it's the best option to travel in the summers.

Rome, Italy
Rome is one of the most preferred destinations to spend your summer vacations in Europe. There are many things to do in June-September as the weather in Rome ranges between 28-31°C and is way too hot, so travelling to this European capital during the summer is a great idea. Rome is famous for its amazing mixture of food, art, history, and architecture. Places such as Colosseum is one of the most significant remains of the Roman Empire; another one is Vatican city, a state enclosed by Rome and is the dwelling of the Roman Catholic Church and walking around through the Appia Antica. It is one of the oldest roads in the Roman empire, and enjoying the feast on local cuisine as it serves one of the most delicious cuisines in the world.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This Dutch capital attracts around 20 million tourists each year with its art museums, the world's distinguished canals and wonderful architecture. So what's not to love about Amsterdam?

From Anne Frank's house to the Van Gogh Museum and the numerous bridges will undoubtedly fill your day with adventure. Amsterdam can get a bit cold and unexpected in the autumn and winter, so the most preferred time is summers, and you may encounter a few raindrops in the city. Amsterdam offers the best Music festivals as it is home to some of the most famous music festivals in Europe. Then comes the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijks museum that feature masterpieces by Rembrandt, as well as distinct artists. Exploring the largest and most well-known city park of Amsterdam, the Vondelpark is an absolute must.

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is a small and historic city with something for everybody. It is the capital city of the Czech Republic and is located in central Europe and the 14th largest city in the European Union, situated on the Vltava river. Prague is worth visiting and is filled up with delightful historical monuments that can traverse on foot. Visiting many of the landmarks is free of cost as their magnificence can be admired best from the streets. Seeking the cobbled streets of Prague at your leisure is comforting, and there are many restaurants and bars where one can enjoy great food and drink. The existence of the Vltava river strengthens a calming backdrop to both banks of this picturesque city.

These places are top-rated and can be very affordable with certain packages and promo codes provided by several tourist agencies. So visiting Europe this summer can be the most delightful experience one can have, which is undoubtedly pocket friendly.

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