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Six ways to boost your summer holiday fun trip this year


Many travelers desire home-like comfort, which confines them to hotel rooms, rental cars, and comfy pillows. The essence of traveling and adventuring is to step outside your comfort zone and revel in spontaneity and freedom.

Seneca, the illustrious Roman statesman and thinker, once said, "Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind." We couldn't agree more, and we are fascinated that such on-point travel wisdom existed back in ancient Roman times. You see, traveling is a life-altering pursuit that has allowed humankind to evolve, learn and improve. 

We all enjoy traveling and exploring new places, cultures, and activities. But many of us avoid stepping out of our comfort zones despite traveling thousands of miles. Many travelers desire home-like comfort, which confines them to hotel rooms, rental cars, and comfy pillows. The essence of traveling and adventuring is to step outside your comfort zone and revel in spontaneity and freedom. 

Venture into the wild
Have you ever experienced the tranquility and serenity of the mountains? Or the splashing sounds of waves fiercely crashing against each other when the moonlight spreads across the ocean? Nature holds the power to rejuvenate our souls, and looking deep within its mysteries inspires wisdom and thoughtfulness. 

If you've never feasted your eyes on the majesty of nature, snow-laced peaks, and scenic vistas, you're missing out. Cosmopolitan travelers detest stillness and prefer the fast-paced adventures of city views. But once in your life, you must experience the breathtaking serenity of life by venturing deep into the wild. 

You don't necessarily have to live in a treehouse and wear large banana leaves for clothes. You can plan a luxurious getaway in an idyllic mountainside retreat, such as the opulent Pigeon Forge Cabins. When it comes to nature encounters, every moment is memorable and leaves an imprint on our minds. And once you give into its lures, the wilderness will change you forever and capture your heart with a fierce grip. 

Gastronomic adventures
You cannot enjoy a rewarding journey without sampling local cuisines and celebrating gastronomic traditions. Many travelers find it hard to stomach certain varieties, while others have food sensitivities and intolerances. Nevertheless, it's essential to sample some local dishes and famous delicacies. 

Thanks to the world wide web and YouTube, this is an aspect that you can plan rigorously. Food and wine always add spice and charm to an adventure and expand your taste palette with new varieties. 

Cultural excursions
How is visiting one shopping mall much different from the other? And nights spent drinking away at the club are usually always a blur so that you won't create many memories. However, experiencing new cultures and traditions is an endeavor that expands our minds and broadens our worldview. It makes us more tolerant and accepting of other cultures and prouder of our cultural roots. 

Visiting local communities, interacting with foreigners, experiencing their lifestyle, and enjoying their traditions are fabulous ways to enrich travel experiences. Be sure to go for a foreign wedding tradition at least once in your life to make memories you'll cherish forever. 

Nature trails
Hiking and trekking are trendy activities across fitness circuits and adventure freaks. Each region offers a rich and extensive abundance of nature trails that allow adventurers to challenge themselves. Venturing out on a nature trail is the ultimate way to ditch the standard tourist experience and get spontaneous. 

You can challenge yourself to exert physically and soar higher to feast your eyes on snow-laced peaks. The challenge itself is maddeningly thrilling because when it's man vs. mountain, things get exciting and action-packed. You can always combine trekking with a basecamp adventure or a backpacking and camping trip. 

Sleep under the stars
If you've never ditched the comfort of thick satin bedsheets and comfy memory mattresses, here's a life-changing experience. Sleeping under the stars is a primitive experience that you can always try at home or experience at a picturesque destination. Up in the mountains, the stars come closer, and you can feast your eyes on the entire Milkyway and star-lit galaxies. 

Camping and sleeping under the stars allow ample opportunity for star-gazing and connecting with Mother Earth. You can map out constellations or set up a telescope to see meteors, planets, and shooting stars. 

Whitewater rafting
Steering a raft from a dangerous and deadly part of a fast-flowing river is a hair-raising and rip-roaring adventure. If you need an adrenaline rush, whitewater rafting will entice and reward your inner adventurer with an unforgettable experience. 

It's a must-have experience for an adventure bucket list, especially if you're traveling to a mountainous region. Rafting will leave you feeling stronger after introducing you to the rougher edge of Mother Nature. 

When planning a trip, it's essential to research and identify activities that fascinate and inspire you. More importantly, you must ask yourself, how can I step outside my comfort zone? It always connects with seasoned travelers and adventure lovers to feel encouraged and supported during wild adventures. 

Remember, the first hike is always tricky, but your mindset changes once you arrive at your destination. The scenic vistas and sandy beaches will infect you with the nature bug before you know it!

Joining social media groups and support networks will help you stay updated with the trends. 

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

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