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SKY Airline arrives in Miami expanding travel to the region from South America


The airline inaugurates its first direct route from South America to the United States, with reasonable prices for travelers looking to see the wonders of Peru and connect to Latin America. 

MIAMI, FL, USA – SKY Airline, the South American airline based in Chile, which operates within the region at a low-cost model, began direct flights on its new Miami - Lima route. This will be the airline’s first route connecting South America with the United States and the first direct route from Lima, Peru to Miami, Florida.

The debut of this route between South Florida and Peru fills in an accessibility gap in the market for U.S travelers looking to experience the wonders of the South American continent, such as Machu Picchu in Peru and the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

The new Miami - Lima route will not only allow Florida-based travelers to indulge in the gastronomic and tourism offerings of the region, but it will also facilitate the travel of Peruvians, Chileans and Argentines to the United States through this connection in Lima, opening up a new stream of tourists to the Miami area.

"Our arrival in the United States is an important milestone within our plans for international expansion. We seek to bridge South America and the United States, helping travelers from both regions reach their destination with safe and accessible service using the newest fleet in the Americas," said Jose Ignacio Dougnac, CEO of SKY Airline.

Initially, the route will utilize the A320 NEO aircraft with capacity for 186 passengers with five weekly frequencies. However, expansion plans seek to achieve one daily flight by August, when the airline projects to transport an average of 9,000 passengers per month on the new route.

SKY was established in Chile over 20 years ago as the first low-cost flyer in the country. Today the airline is the low-cost carrier that serves the largest number of Peruvians a year. Currently, SKY has two hubs, one in Santiago, Chile, and the other in Lima, Peru. In these two countries, it operates domestically. From there, it also operates international routes to different destinations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and now the United States.

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