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Smart ideas to plan the perfect wedding venue


An excellent place to get married gives your guests a positive impression, making for great photos. Read on for more ideas on how to plan the perfect wedding venue.

A wedding is one of the most critical days in a person's life. It is the celebration of love, family, and community coming together to support two individuals on their journey of life. Unfortunately, a wedding can be an expensive endeavor that requires months or even years of planning to ensure everything goes smoothly. There are so many different decisions that need to be made in preparation for the big day; it can feel overwhelming when you consider all of them.

Many people successfully pull off weddings with relative ease by making smart choices when planning their perfect wedding venue. An excellent place to get married gives your guests a positive impression, making for great photos. Read on for more ideas on how to plan the perfect wedding venue.

1) Location is key
You've probably heard this expression before—and it counts when deciding on the best possible location for your wedding. There are several things to consider when choosing a wedding locale: how much will everything cost? Is there ample room for guests, or will they be limited? What's nearby in case I need something last minute? When considering where to have your event, think about what you want. Do you want a traditional church wedding, or would an outdoor ceremony with nature as your backdrop be inspiring? You can even do both.

Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

The perfect place for your event should make both of you happy. So if one of you is dying to have the reception at the, go ahead and book it. The best way to find out what makes sense for both of you is to take some time to sit down and visualize what kind of environment will create that memorable day that's been in your head for so many years.

2) Set your budget
One of the first things couples often forget when planning their big day is setting a budget. It's essential to have a set number of what you are willing to spend to avoid surprises later on. In addition, establishing a budget will help save you money and time by eliminating too pricey venues or out of your range.

While the perfect wedding venue isn't always the cheapest option, finding a balance between price and value can help make any budget work. Asking about all available discounts (like paying in full or celebrating multiple days) helps push costs down as much as possible while considering things like drink packages that may or may not be included. And if you're hiring an onsite planner, they might even throw in some extra perks like decorations or lighting upgrades to help your vision come to life.

3) Decide on the location's capacity
It's not good enough for the perfect wedding venue to be beautiful—it also has to accommodate your guest list. This means considering how many guests you're expecting and whether they'll need accommodations like chairs, tables, or other amenities. Then consult with them about how many others they are inviting. That way, everyone can get an idea of how large or small the wedding can be.

While you probably know approximately how big your wedding will be, it's good to think about specifics like children and who else might attend. For example, if you're inviting close family members like parents, stepparents, or siblings, but they already live out of town, it can be easier to stick with relatives that are flying in for the event. After all, nobody wants to spend half their wedding day driving. And if you're looking at venues like hotels for your reception, they often have floor plans available online—so take a look at those before deciding which one suits your needs best.

4) Line up your must-haves
Some items are essentials in most people's perfect weddings—so you'll want to make sure your wedding venue has all must-haves. For example, does it have enough room for a dance floor? Is there an area for dinner and drinks? Does it accommodate special requests like karaoke or a photo booth? Even if you're not planning on using these things during your reception (though they certainly would contribute), having something set aside is important. It all boils down to what you want—and what makes sense within your budget too. So about those must-haves:

  • at least three meal choices
  • a bar/drink options
  • a dance floor big enough for at least 20 people
  • accommodations for special requests (like karaoke or a photo booth)

5) Don't forget the extras
Don't forget to consider things like transportation, parking, and decorations. If you're having your wedding nearby, you may not need to worry about these details—but if it's out of town, make sure you can get guests there safely. Decorations are always encouraged because they help give the room its personality. So make sure your reception space accommodates them as well. Also important: Make sure those decorations aren't mess up any part of the venue (e.g., hanging anything from ceilings or chandeliers).

A great space with no extras is only half the battle. So it's essential to know not just what you can get with your wedding venue but also what makes them unique. For example, are they known for excellent service? Is there a waiting staff that will take care of all your needs? Do they offer helpful amenities like an onsite planner or rehearsal space? If so, these features can help make planning much more manageable.

6) Check out the venue's hours of operation
If you would like (or need) to get married outside of regular business hours, make sure your venue is open when you want to use it! Most venues are available during the day on weekends and weekday evenings, but ask if you need additional time slots. It may seem silly now, but knowing this information goes a long way towards helping you plan everything else. And sometimes, special arrangements can be made for religious ceremonies or same-sex marriages that require altering the venue's usual rules.

The perfect wedding venue comprises many different factors, but if you follow these tips, you're sure to find the location that's right for you. It's all about what works for you. It would be best to put everything together considering your "personal" style and taste—because that will make it unique. And remember - don't give up hope if you are not 'there' yet! Just take your time to plan things smartly.

Main photo by gpalmisanoadm from Pixabay

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