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Spain’s “Travel Safe” campaign restores travelers’ confidence ahead of Summer


The campaign’s dedicated microsite offers travelers daily updated information on adopted health and safety measures in all parts of Spain.

RIYADH, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA – Spain continues to boost travelers’ confidence by showcasing the destination’s efforts regarding health and safety measures through the “Travel Safe” campaign, with Spanish borders slowly opening to international travelers, and the gradual approach of the anticipated summer vacation.

The “Travel Safe” campaign spearheaded by Spain Tourism focuses on two main objectives: firstly, to inform travelers about the requirements and conditions while traveling to Spain or any country by being a  safe travel prescriber for travel in general and secondly, to encourage travelers and inspire them to visit the destination. Through the campaign, Spain aims to position itself as a safe destination and supply an official and continuously updated information site for future visitors.

The campaign’s dedicated microsite is an informative and interactive platform that displays daily updated information and covers all aspects of safety, health, and entry requirements. This allows travelers to easily check requirements before travelling, plan their trips, and search availability of tourist services.

The microsite contains information regarding all aspects of safe travel from the beginning of the journey to the end, and answers the questions asked before the trip, during it, and after. Travelers can find all sorts of information based on the type of trip they are planning, whether they are visiting Spain for the beaches, the natural scenery, or the urban landscapes. As well as information regarding services like public transport, hotels, restaurants, or shopping.

Spain is a destination of limitless possibilities, with its rich multi-layered culture, breathtaking natural scenery, and charming urban lifestyle. Spain offers a variety of experiences including high-end shopping, entertainment, adventure, and exclusive gourmet and luxury experiences making it an ideal holiday destination for families, travel groups and individuals seeking a memorable journey.

Spain’s borders are still closed to travelers from many countries including Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states. However, Spain aims to dedicate its efforts in attracting Saudi tourists through targeted marketing and public relations activities and encourage the Saudi nationals to visit once borders open.

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