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Stayland partners with Mews to power its innovative, multi-brand operation


The experiential accommodation provider has apartments, hostels, villas and more in the US and Spain.

Mews, the global cloud-based property management system (PMS), has been selected by Stayland as the hospitality cloud to power their operations and accelerate their already rapid growth.

This summer, Stayland will migrate both their Alohause and Colocolo brands to the Mews platform. Alohause is a collection of coliving apartments located in top cities as New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Madrid, while Colo Colo is a new concept of smart hostel based in Spain’s picturesque San Sebastian where guests will get a comfortable, immersive and fully contactless experience.

“We don’t look to purchase software, we look to build real relationships,” said Joseba Bermejo, Founder & CEO of Stayland. “Our tech team interviewed more than 15 PMSs and from the first conversation with Mews I knew they were not only the best solution on a technical level, but also the best fit in terms of our vision for the future of hospitality. You can tell from the Open API and the way the software is built around the guest that Mews is already doing long-term thinking.” 

Stayland is unique because of the many different accommodation types they provide. As such, they needed a hospitality cloud that had the ability to work across multiple stay types. Mews was built to accommodate different space types within the same system, so whether its managing short stays in beds or long stays in apartments, the Stayland team is able to do so easily. 

“Stayland’s variety and ambition coupled with their dedication to providing modern guest experiences is what makes them really exciting,” said Richard Valtr, Mews Founder. “Because Mews is focussed on the guest as opposed to the reservation, it makes us a great fit for any accommodation type. I’m truly impressed by the speed at which Stayland are moving, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.” 

Mews’ support and attention to detail was another key factor in Stayland’s decision. A selection of training and learning tools are available in the form of a comprehensive help site, video tutorials with multiple training paths courtesy of Mews University, and live training sessions based on role. All of this will help Stayland’s brands onboard quickly and get their staff up to speed as fast as possible.

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