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Step-by-step guide to writing a research paper on tourism


We decided to create a guide that can become a perfect assistant in academic writing about tourism. It looks like a manual instruction which recommends and suggests some ideas or obligations.

Tourism is an industry that attracts millions. It helps people enlarge their scope, communicate to their interests and beliefs, provides globalization, opens new job vacancies, please with issues of hospitality in various countries and their regions, unites individuals, creates new multicultural traditions, and satisfies demands of researchers. Tourism does not speak only about places of interest. It reveals customs, traditions, history, climate benefits, economic advantages, import and export cooperation, solid perspectives, and scientific discoveries. 

Students often find it rather difficult to present a high-quality custom research paper on tourism. This academic assignment does not belong to a ‘one direction’ investigation. It requires a multispectral view of an explored territory. The paper must not only present facts and statistics. 

It should intrigue the reader and make him or her visit the chosen object. A number of works on tourism manifest general pros of the industry and possibilities it supplies humanity with. 

Due to the idea expressed above, we decided to create a guide that can become a perfect assistant in academic writing about tourism. It looks like a manual instruction which recommends and suggests some ideas or obligations. 

How to start writing an academic paper on tourism
It is quite obvious that, first of all, a person needs to find a good topic for future research. The chosen theme must be upgraded and touch upon up-to-date curiosity of the contemporary society. If a student is going to present Rome, there is no need to retell the already famous facts in a simple manner. An individual should find something new to grab the attention of the target audience. If it is really hard to reveal something innovative, then it is necessary to present old evidence in an unusual way to ecstasize the reader.

If a student is going to present pros and cons of tourism as one of the most popular industries in the world, there should be a thorough investigation of the educational, business, economic, anthropological, historical, psychological, physiological, environmental, cultural, religious, geographic, political, and other supporting aspects. That is really a huge but rather rewarding responsibility. During the research, a student can learn lots of catchy things which can overwhelm a person with the joy of individual discoveries and realized ambitions.

For instance, it is very popular today to write about ecotourism and its influence on other life spheres. There are also many topics related to black and white tourism, hotel business based on tourist’s choice, the role of the Internet in the selection of recreation places, and tourist solution of racism, nationalism, or gender inequality problems. 

First steps to follow when conducting research on tourism
It is very clever to create a plan one should follow when writing some academic assignments. The plan should present steps and time limits. A person should be ready to cope with the task on time and involve all the required issues. As a rule, a student should keep to the below-presented scheme of actions.

  1. The Topic Selection. There should be several interesting topics for the investigation. A student should discuss them with a tutor and select the most appropriate and innovative one. 
  2. The Creation of an Outline. An outline looks like a paper structure. A person should consider the number of sections, page limits, and hints helping to designate the start point of the research.
  3. The Investigation of Literature. Some students first study sources and then proceed to an outline creation. Actually, it depends on a person. Sometimes it is more comfortable to think of the possible areas for the investigation and then look for evidence on the Internet and printed sources. If a researcher lacks basic knowledge on the topic then there must be the investigation of literature first. Thanks to that, it will be easier to define constituent parts of the future paper.
  4. Sketch Writing. A person should try to reflect the analyzed literature. Sketch writing stimulates clever ideas presentation, improves logical interrelations, and qualitative assignment structuring.
  5. Writing the Body Part. The body of the paper reflects the key issues of the research. Due to that, a person can provide it with the thesis statement which is going to be given in the introduction. 
  6. Proceeding to the Introductory Part and Conclusion. It is better to establish these two parts after body writing or in the process of its composing. Both the intro and the summing up must be striking and impressive. There must be reliable facts, evidence, statistics, citations connected with the chosen topic. They should include some comparison, parallelism, numbers, retrospection or futuristic vision of the issue. 
  7. Organizing a Bibliography Page. This section requires ABC ordering of the applied sources. A student has to consider the style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) demands. 
  8. Paper Formatting. There are different paper formats like ASA, APA, MLA, Chicago which belong to the most popular ones. They require concrete font and its size, spacing, margin sizes, bibliography and citation peculiarities, and so on.
  9. Proofreading. Students should read the ready paper several times in different daytime to evaluate and check the paper properly. 
  10. Editing. The last step is to edit the paper if there are some mistakes or it needs improvement.

A tip to consider
There should be someone who can discuss or express the viewpoint regarding the student’s paper. A person can choose another student or hire professional editors. That will raise the chances for success.

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