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Tahiti: La tranquilite




Official languages

Tahitian (called “Reo Mao’hi”) and French are the two official languages but English is fluently spoken in the tourist industry.


Proud of their islands, Polynesians are happy to share their “joie de vivre” (joy of living), which they express in their passion for dancing and music of all sorts.
Accompanied by the rhythmic strumming of u’kuleles and songs, Polynesians have long since welcomed their visitors with flower crowns… a custom which says a lot about “Polynesian hospitality” and which they have preserved!

What’s the time difference?

There is a 10-hour time difference between Tahiti and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). There is a 12-hour time difference in the summer time or 11-hour time difference in the winter time difference between Paris, 2-hour time different from the United States Pacific Coast, 6 hours from Chile, 19 hours from Tokyo and Sydney and 22 hours different from Auckland.

Currency exchange rate and modes of payment

1 Euro = 119,33 FCFP
Foreign currency exchange offices: banks, airports, overseas passenger wharfs.
Notice: some atolls and islands in the Australs and Gambiers have no banking facilities. International hotels also provide this service.
International credit cards such as Visa Mastercard, American Express are also accepted in most of the hotels.

What to pack?

Comfortable and thin summer clothes like : cotton shorts, Bermuda shorts, tee-shirts, swimsuits.
Something warm available for the evenings, which are sometimes cooler.
Footwear: sandals, comfortable walking shoes.
Essentials: sunglasses, hats, sun block lotions or creams and a powerful mosquito repellant.


No vaccines are required except for passengers from high-risk countries (this information can be obtained from your airline). On the island of Tahiti, good sanitary facilities and health services are available.

Entry requirements

European citizens: valid passport. Three months visa exemption.
USA and Canada nationals: one month stay without visa.


Upon arrival in French Polynesia, you must declare all merchandise you are carrying with you and pay the corresponding duties to the Customs Office.

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