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Take granny to Vegas: Five attractions for senior travelers


In spite of Las Vegas' reputation, the city turns out to be a great destination for senior leisure. The enormous plethora of services offered in the Sin City accommodates even for the senior folks. Taking your senior relatives to Las Vegas definitely will not be a mistake.

Las Vegas' reputation may lead you to believe that the city is not suitable for seniors. Nonetheless, if you think so, then you have judged wrongly. The young folks are not the only ones who are allowed to have fun in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a great place for you and your parents or grandparents. The city has a lot to offer to the seniors, including both busy and laid-back activities. Any kind of vacation that a senior would want is possible in Las Vegas.

But first, opt only for the best
Before we can start examining possible options to keep your senior traveling buddies entertained, one thing requires emphasizing. When you are a senior, you start experiencing and taking life a bit differently. Your preferences change, you use up your energy quicker, your tolerance to bad conditions is much lower, and you generally require a slower approach to everything.

This comment is not aimed at disregarding seniors; it only highlights the fact that they cannot deal with a lot of inconveniences in their age. When you are young, you can easily make compromises when it comes to a vacation: having bad accommodations is fine, as long as the activities outside of your hotel are great fun.

This is not the case with the senior crowd. Senior travelers require good service and catering, comfortable rooms, and friendly staff in order to feel comfortable and get some rest.

So, cheap is not the way to go if you want to make your seniors happy. Treat your parents or grandparents with a great hotel, and they will be incredibly grateful. Here is a wonderful article from Weekly Slots News with a list of the best hotels in Las Vegas for you to consider.

5 things for seniors to do
Here are the X best things to do together with seniors (or let them go at it alone). Considering the peculiarities of the senior crowd, the activities were cherry-picked appropriately.

The list below contains activities that suit seniors best, so you will not find anything that is related to partying or anything particularly extreme.

You should always start exploring Las Vegas from your luxury hotel. The hotels always have a lot of things happening 24 hours/day: parties, raffles, celebrations, contests.

Of course, last but not least, gambling is an integral part of each hotel/casino combination. So, avoiding this part of Las Vegas during your vacation is like avoiding the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

According to Mike Tan, a partner at Online Casino Gems, being a senior in Las Vegas is actually an advantage when it comes to gambling in casinos.

Many casinos have something that they call 'senior days,' special days where they offer bonuses and discounts to the senior citizens (usually 50 years and older). “– reports Mike Tan.

The promotions can encompass everything from discount dinners to getting double-points in all games. There is a casino that has a free monthly $3,000 drawing, with the biggest prize being $1,000 for players 55 years and older! You can usually find information regarding such promotions on the websites of each individual casino.” – Mike Tan tells.

Bellagio Gallery
The next best thing after enjoying the endless rows of slot machines and table games are the beautiful art galleries of Las Vegas. Although the city encompasses quite an impressive number of galleries, one stands out the most, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

The size of the gallery itself is not very impressive, there are only two rooms, and it does not take you long to go through all of the pieces. However, you may find yourself stuck there for hours due to the interesting exhibitions found within the gallery. The pieces make you want to read on and on.

If your parents or grandparents are not in the mood for high art, then some traditional shows can do the job. Las Vegas is known for its number of performances that happen every evening. Everything from adult shows to comedy to acrobatics to concerts to magic shows to circus pieces, etc.

So many options can make it hard for you to choose something that your parents or grandparents will like. But why should you do all the planning? Actually, just let the seniors choose for themselves. Suggest them checking this article from Gamblers Daily Digest about the best shows in Las Vegas.

Playing a couple of rounds of golf is another great option for seniors. Golf is not only fun on its own as a game, but it also has numerous health benefits. It encourages socialization between seniors, as well as improves walking, balance, strength, and cognitive ability.

As of late, Las Vegas's property developers have heavily invested in creating new golf courses, as well as improving the existing ones. Abundant sunshine, stylish and award-winning courses, and relatively low prices: what could be better?

Black Canyon Raft and Red Sock Scooter Tours
If the seniors get tired of the bustling streets on vacation in Las Vegas, it does not mean that the vacation is over. On the contrary, the city of Las Vegas sits dead in the middle between 5 national parks, which means you have lots to choose from if you want to get out of the streets into nature.

While many tours are available, including helicopter rides, the best two tours for seniors are Black Canyon Raft tour and Red Rock Scooter Tour. They should definitely be on your list to see!

The first tour is a day trip over the Colorado River on an inflatable raft. The views are gorgeous and inspiring, especially right below the Hoover Dam.

The second tour is a laid-back ride through the Red Rock Canyon with the accompanying guide that tells of the canyon’s past. The sights make a life-long impression on you.

In conclusion
In spite of Las Vegas' reputation, the city turns out to be a great destination for senior leisure. The enormous plethora of services offered in the Sin City accommodates even for the senior folks. Taking your senior relatives to Las Vegas definitely will not be a mistake.

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