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TakeTwo announces PSNGR1 as digital booking tool on the TMC’s technology roadmap


TakeTwo Travel Solutions, the recently launched independent premium service TMC with operations in the UK, Europe and USA, has embarked on the first phase of a dynamic technology roadmap. TakeTwo is partnering with PSNGR1 to provide customers in the US, UK and Europe with a consumer-grade interactive digital booking platform.


As a first-of-its-kind platform for the travel industry, PSNGR1 (pronounced passenger one) enables users to book all travel via one profile and interface, making booking processes smarter, more personalised, streamlined, and cost-effective for all industry stakeholders. Key to the platform’s facility and efficiency is TripBoards, which enables users to easily invite fellow travellers – colleagues, friends, or family alike – to collaboratively plan, book and manage all aspects of their trip. With TripBoards, travellers have access to a robust inventory of travel options to select from that can be shared with multiple parties at once and a library of existing TripBoards that serve as inspiration for future itineraries. PSGNR1 also provides access to the latest NDC content suitable for TakeTwo clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whilst high touch, anticipatory service from experienced consultants lies at the core of TakeTwo’s offering, the TMC also aims to marry this approach with innovative travel-centric technology to meet the needs of the next generation of travellers. The agreement with PSGNR1 is the first step in the technology eco-system of agnostic digital booking solutions that TakeTwo is creating for its customers, which will include multiple OBTs and GDS platforms.
Chris Thelen, CEO, TakeTwo said: “Our corporate clients choose to work with us as they know they can trust to us to deliver a premium online and offline service. We are therefore meticulous about which technology providers we partner with as we build our own technology offering. PSNGR1’s consumer-grade functionality will deliver a progressive digital booking platform for our customers that’s personalised, quick and reliable and matches our premium service standards.

Because we are a start-up TMC, TakeTwo isn’t hindered by any legacy technology platforms and we can create our technology eco-system selectively from scratch. However, we don’t believe it’s in our customers’ best interests that we self-build our own booking tools,” added Thelen. “Although there is a growing trend among global TMCs to develop proprietary booking solutions, most of these self-built tools are ultimately developed to increase share of wallet, not necessarily to give travel managers content that they want to buy.  Instead, our vision is to work with agile and innovative digital providers not only to deliver the next generation of travel management for our clients, but also give customers a digital booking tool that’s transparent and allows the travel manager to be in control of spend. We want to build the best-rated TMC in the world and PSNGR1 will help us do that. I’m excited to see where this partnership takes us.”
Christopher Moss, CEO, PSNGR1 commented: “We are excited to be partnering with TakeTwo, especially at this very moment in which the demand for travel - both leisure and corporate - continues to inch closer to pre-pandemic levels. The reality is that we’re entering a new era of travel, and together with TakeTwo we’re aiming to lead the charge in redefining how every player in the industry operates,” said PSNGR1 CEO Christopher Moss. “Through this partnership, we are catering to the next generation of travelers by combining PSNGR1’s enhanced and modern end-to-end functionalities with TakeTwo’s best-in-class personalized global travel services.”

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