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TAMS launches Technology Assessment Program


New tool pinpoints strengths and gaps for Corporate Travel Buyers and Managers.

The Travel and Meeting Society (TAMS) released a new free tool for Corporate Travel Managers and buyers, which helps guide them through a self-assessment of the technologies in place across their company’s travel program. Designed to assist corporate travel leaders in creating a roadmap to program excellence, the assessment takes an end-to-end look at the technologies being used and identifies where specific strengths and/or gaps exist.

Available for download on the TAMS website at tamstravel.org/assessment, the tool initially prompts the user to answer questions about their current priorities. The user then has the option of either completing a high-level overview or a comprehensive examination of the systems and integrations that comprise the current state of their program.

TAMS will also provide a webinar on May 4th at 11am Eastern to overview the process for completing the assessment and address questions from travel buyers. Registration for the webinar is available at: https://www.tamstravel.org/upcoming-events.

Once the assessment questions have been completed, the buyer is presented with a graphical summary highlighting which components of their technology configuration adhere to best practices and those areas which would merit enhanced focus. In addition, for companies that have varying travel technologies in place by country or region around the globe, the tool enables the comparison of travel program capabilities on a region-by-region basis.

“For travel buyers who want to ensure they’re giving their corporate travelers a best-in-class experience while also delivering efficiencies across their operation, the TAMS technology assessment is a great way to evaluate the current technology used in a program and identify opportunities for improvement,” said Jeremy Jameson, Executive Director at travel industry consultancy airShopRQ, who collaborated with TAMS in building the assessment.

The assessment tool is especially useful for corporate travel managers and buyers who are preparing to update their supplier programs and want to be sure to ask all the right questions. “Some travel department leaders may not know off-hand whether their current technologies can deliver the capabilities that the assessment examines,” explained Valerie Fender, Nouryon’s Regional Travel Manager for the Americas, who also helped lead this initiative and roll-out. “TAMS team members have rigorously evaluated a variety of capabilities to include in the tool. While completing the assessment, buyers will likely initiate dialog with their suppliers and thereby promote shared understanding and alignment.”

The TAMS Technology Assessment will be available for download as a standalone Excel workbook from the TAMS website. Regional travel managers can then use collaboration tools, such as SharePoint or Google Sheets, to generate a global scoring of the technologies used across their company’s travel program.

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