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Technoheaven launches Activity Linker


A global marketplace connecting ethical tour and experiences operators with travel brands and travellers everywhere.

Technoheaven announced the launch of Activity Linker, an independent B2B and B2C marketplace for tours and experiences around the world.

Using Technoheaven’s cloud‐based API solution and cutting-edge technology stack, Activity Linker enables travel brands to access and offer safe and ethical experiences that align with their own brand values as well as the interests of their individual customers.

With a full suite of in-house content management and reservation systems, operators can showcase their experiences and services online using Activity Linker which provides travellers with a central hub to finalise their travel plans. Activity Linker connects directly with local operators to vet their services before negotiating exclusive deals that offer significant discounts to travellers who book through their chosen travel company.  Instant ticketing to some of the most popular attractions worldwide, is also available enabling travelers make last minute bookings.

Vinod Kelwani, CEO of Technoheaven, said: “Currently consumers can buy quality hotels, flights, car hire, etc. in a streamlined and digitized form, which does not fully exist in the tours and experiences B2B market. Consumers are not often able to access quality tours and experiences via their chosen travel vendors. This is the problem that solves.”

Consumer facing travel brands that join the marketplace – including airlines, hotels, travel agents, tour operators and online travel agents - will access a curated and personalized feed of premium inventory that is safe, ethical and high quality. 

Vinod added: “We are in daily contact with travel agents and tour operators across the globe and we understand the need to help the market improve and connect with new business partners and customers. connects suppliers, buyers, and customers in one place using a cloud‐based solution that can meet the demands of all our customers, no matter the scale that they require. It is a one-stop-shop for booking activities at competitive prices worldwide.”

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