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Ten do’s and don’ts of instagramming while traveling


So, to help you figure out what to post and what not to post, we’ve compiled a 10-point guide highlighting the do’s and don’ts of Instagramming while traveling.

Let no one tell you it’s a childish or ill-matured thing to do.

Posting your travel photos on Instagram is absolutely cool!

After all, social media is meant to be a bulletin board where we pin all our life’s highlight reel.

So, if ever you feel like showing off those perfect travel vacation photos, please be my guest.

However, there will be times when you want to hold back a little!

I know that may sound counterintuitive, but in everything we do in life, one has to apply a bit of wisdom, even on Instagram.

So, to help you figure out what to post and what not to post, we’ve compiled a 10-point guide highlighting the do’s and don’ts of Instagramming while traveling. 

PRO TIP: If by any chance you aren’t satisfied with the number of followers on your Instagram page, please don’t hesitate to buy Instagram followers. That’s the new normal!

The do’s:

Share your discoveries 
Travel is not something everyone gets the chance to do. Perhaps due to their worklife or other life engagements, people pass the chance to experience other cultures, learn new things, or get an upclose view of events.

By capturing and sharing your own experiences, you can reveal so much to them. 
Did you discover that the best Pizza is made in Italy? Or maybe you found a new fun fact about a city? Feel free to tell your friends. 

Share your fun times
The whole point of sharing your travel photos on Instagram is to show people what your travel experience is really like. Therefore, you shouldn’t hold back in communicating these experiences. The fun times, the surprises, the dreadful sights, the local who greeted you in a funny way.

All these are parts of your travel escapades, so be happy to show them off.

Respond to comments
I know travels can really be a busy affair, but if you had the time to snap and posts, what will be your excuse for snubbing people’s comments?

You don’t want people to catch the wrong impression about your purpose for posting? Then be the same guy you were before you left home. Someone drops a comment saying “hey man, didn’t know you were heading to Barbados.” Happily, respond with, “yeah man, the plans came up impromptu.”

Show us your face
Yes, there may be times when the sight you’re trying to share is more important than your face, but once in a while, you should be happy to show your personality – the smiley face, tired face, dirty boots, or the “you” in a foreign dress.

This will help your followers understand how much fun you’re truly having!

Make your posts story like
Instagram captions and stories are there for a reason. For every post you make, let your followers know what’s happening in there. Did you just arrive at the airport? Feel free to announce your arrival. Is it your third day in Moscow? Make a 24-hour Instagram story video to remind people you’ve been here for the past three days. And when you’re ready to go, bring your story to an end. 

The don’ts:

Don’t make boring posts
If you don’t want people to look at your post and be like “what’s so special about his travel,” then you gotta think out of the box and make your posts exciting. 

Yes, you’re in a 5-star luxury hotel in Dubai and that’s where you’re spending the night. But what’s so special about that hotel? Does it have some features missing from one of the popular hotels in your home country? Point it out but don’t shade anyone. Don’t worry, your friends will catch the gist!

Don’t sound braggy
Trust me, lots of people probably want to be in your shoes right now. But due to a reason or another, they can’t. The least you can do for them is not rub your fun in their faces. Instead of saying things like “Not your regular Miami tourist,” you can sound less braggy and say “feeling lucky to be in Miami.”

Whatever you do, try not to make people catch the impression that you’re trying to brag about your adventures.

Don’t bombard people’s feeds with your photos
You don’t need to post a thousand photo for people to catch the sense that you’re on vacation. A simple post announcing your arrival on the Greek Island, your boat cruise in day three, your 12-course buffet on the last day, etc. are enough to send your message across. 

You don’t have to publish 12 photos per day, announcing you breakfast, lunch, dinner, bath, bed-time, and all that. 

Remember, less is more!

Don’t forget the purpose of the trip
As much as you want to post the perfect photo of your trip, you shouldn’t make that the top of your priority list. You’re on that trip for a reason – which I’m sure is not to snap photos – so whatever you do, you should never lose sight of that. 

For example, if you’re on a wildlife safari, be sure to bask in the sight of what you’re seeing, capture every appealing moment, and worry about posting on Instagram later.

Don’t bore people with throwbacks
They’ve seen the posts when it was recent, so why should you choke them to death with a dozen of throwbacks few weeks later?

Of course, once in a while, one or two throwbacks are necessary. But not up to the point where you start bombarding people’s feeds with your throwbacks.

Ask yourself, how will you feel if you keep seeing the same thing you’ve seen before over and again?

You won’t be too impressed!

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