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Ten travel startups to watch after Coronavirus


This list contains some exploring startups like locations and map guides and apps to find your trip mates, make new friends, and transfer companies.

Travelling is necessary for some businessmen or is fun for the explorers. In either case, people prefer the most suitable routes and travel agencies with minimum pricing but maximum benefits.

Here, I have compiled up a list of useful travel startups. This list contains some exploring startups like locations and map guides and apps to find your trip mates, make new friends, and transfer companies. So, get your visa ready and explore the world. The online visa services are always available to make traveling convenient for you.

Keep an eye on these travel startups and book your rides beforehand.

Having the aim to ease traveling and bring the most powerful tools for those willing to initiate and grow better in a travel-related business. They search and manage your flight for you. Book it, as over 20 airlines are available to provide their services. This single platform is also able to make a perfect flight booking experience for all sizes of businesses.

Jayride is a platform that allows you to compare the services of thousands of airport shuttle, private transfer companies, and shuttle buses so that you can book the most suitable deal for reaching your destination. You may be traveling from your place to the airport, or from the airport to the hotel, another terminal, residential address, tourist attraction spots, or the cruise ship terminal, this is the transfer company that is available to serve you the services of pick and drop to/ from the airport. Jayride is currently associated with 3,000 transport companies worldwide. The passengers in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania are covered under this service.

Another company impressively works to maintain disruption management. They are offering a platform on your smartphone for your ease. The travelers are provided with all the essential health and safety advice beforehand. Moreover, real-time monitoring is also available. The automated safety check-ins are also present with assistance in real-time. As the COVID outbreak limited the number of flights, airlines are engaged in learning more about enhancing their services to manage trip disruptions. Sitata is a great startup in this regard.

Now moving around the places is not hard. Move and hop up to five places paying a flat fee within the SkyHi routes. The most amazing offer is $35 for flights up to 1000miles. And if you want to move ahead to 2000 or 3000 miles more - pay $75 or $120 every time, respectively. Book their routes without limitation of your current location. A couple of clicks can book you the tickets you desire. No beforehand, planning is always required. No changes in prices on either early or late booking.

Why would you bother when Hitlist is here to search and present you the flight options according to your budget and destination plans. Download the app and avail the services as per your requirements and demands. They aim to help you travel more for less. The filters are benefiting in finding relevant trips according to your time, budget, and destination. The list of your dream destinations can be well-planned into a real tour. It also alerts when flight prices decrease.

Girls LOVE Travel
It is a community of women who are active travelers around the world or inside the country. Inspiring women are making travel plans to lessen the burden of daily routines and meet online friends. Being a part of this women's community while traveling, you will surely feel more confident, empowered, and socialized. Safety and support are also a part of the journey. You can also share your travel experience on their website and become an active member.

This startup is genuinely the most needed travel startup. They have services for international travelers to maintain their health before and during their journey. They provide medical insurance to the remote workers and entrepreneurs who are living abroad to earn for their families. A huge number of people have utilized their services, which has proved to be a useful startup in this pandemic.

It is a startup based on Tel-Aviv, which assists airlines in decreasing the load of the calls in the call centers while streamlining the passengers’ refund or rebooking processes. In such circumstances, automation should be used as the key tool to make things better on both the end, customers and airline call centers. RubiQ also provides Airclues, which is a white label solution for mobiles, powered by Artificial Intelligence. It remains updated and allows the passengers to personally keep an eye on the schedules/status of the flight or rebook the alternative flight.

After the pandemic is over, many of you must be planning a stress-free vacation. Holiable is working rightly to make it the best and most healthy vacation you can currently have on the planet. The places they have in their list are eco-friendly and serve the best services with regard to everything, including the food. Find, search, select, go, and simply enjoy your planned holidays using their platform.

Do you want an all in one package? If yes, then there can be nothing better than Stay22. This startup has all that you would need for your event during your travel. The events are well-organized with their own apartment or hotel booking. Besides, the search and comparison are also present on the website for your review. Choose whatever goes well with your budget and event. Traveling along with events and parties couldn’t be this easy ever.

The bottom line:
After reading the article, I am sure you must have found the most relevant and useful travel startup for your trip in 2020 amid the pandemic. These travel startups are beneficial for the ones who need or love to travel often. Using their services, you can travel from country to country and anywhere within that country from the airport to your hotel or tourist points along with locations, maps, and new friends.

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