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Test for Travel sets to facilitate trip planning process and contribute to industry' recovery


Test for Travel is the first and largest website of its kind designed for travelers to conveniently find and schedule COVID-19 tests abroad, at no cost.

NEW YORK, NY - As the demand for travel steadily returns to pre-pandemic levels and destinations continue to reopen with mandatory testing requirements in place, Dutch Caribbean entrepreneur Julien de Bats concepted Test for Travel in an effort to streamline the trip planning process and alleviate confusion surrounding an ever-changing way of travel. Test for Travel is the first and largest platform of its kind, designed to provide travelers with accurate COVID-19 testing information, and help them find and schedule tests abroad at no cost to the user.

De Bats, who currently resides in Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean, launched Test for Travel to ease travelers’ concerns about finding COVID-19 tests on the tourism-dependent island. Shortly after Test for Travel first launched in September 2020 with a focus on Aruba, de Bats noticed a significant increase in traffic and decided to expand the website internationally. After its latest revamp in May, Test for Travel now features over 50 destinations in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania; and supports over 5,000 COVID-19 testing centers worldwide. Test for Travel continues to grow rapidly, with new destinations and centers being added daily.

“What began as a small project quickly turned into my full-time passion. The COVID-19 pandemic devastated the travel industry, and it is my goal to contribute to the recovery by connecting travelers from around the world with accurate information and accessibility, all while helping them plan their trips with ease,” said de Bats. “Test for Travel assists over 80,000 monthly users with traveling to their next destination, reuniting with family and friends, and planning their business and incentive trips. Travelers can rest assured that Test for Travel simplifies the new trip planning process as we know it, and that finding a COVID-19 test in a foreign destination has never been simpler.” 

Test for Travel provides users with a directory of supported testing facilities within their target destination, and filters the specific types of tests, and their turnaround times, available at each center. Users can then select and conveniently contact their preferred testing center to book an appointment. Users can read reviews of each testing location and even opt to have their COVID-19 test results translated into the language of their travel destination. Created with the sole purpose to help travelers easily plan their trips, Test for Travel’s three-step process is completely free of charge. The website additionally includes a directory of at-home COVID-19 testing kit options for users traveling to destinations that accept these results. 

Test for Travel is updated in real-time, providing users, tourism boards and destination marketing organizations with the most accurate COVID-19 testing information around the world. 

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