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The best places to visit when you own a yacht


For you to make the most out of your own yacht, add the following places to your bucket list and make sure to visit these locations soon.

Having your own yacht can be very beneficial in a lot of ways. Although expensive, this investment will surely improve your social standing, and allow you to sail with your friends and family whenever you want to. Owning a yacht can also bring you control as you get to decide how to customize your yacht based on your needs and budget. 

You’ll be able to enjoy countless benefits when you have your own yacht, but how can you experience all of these things if you’re clueless about what places to visit?  Are you just going to sail in the same spots every time or simply tie your yacht on your local dock?  Owning a yacht can be a great achievement, but not using it for travel can make your investment go down the drain.  

For you to make the most out of your own yacht, add the following places to your bucket list and make sure to visit these locations soon: 

1. British Virgin Islands 
One of the biggest reasons why people invest in high-quality yachts, such as those from, is because they want to sail with their family as often as possible. Renting a yacht might still allow you to do this, but, over time, bringing a lot of people with you every time you sail can eventually break the bank as it means spending more money.

If you want to have a great time in the waters with your family without spending a lot of money, it’s best if you use your own yacht to visit the British Virgin Islands. This is one of the best destinations for new yacht owners because it has consistent trade winds and an abundance of sheltered anchorages. 

The British Virgin Islands is also one of the best spots for families because it offers a wide variety of on- and offshore activities. Your kids will surely enjoy sheltered and calm water lagoons that are very prevalent in the island.  

2. Fiji 
While some people merely want to bask in scenic views whenever they travel, others are very outgoing and would want to engage in countless thrilling activities. If you’re one of the latter, sailing to Fiji with your yacht can be a great option.

Fiji is an astonishing destination because you can frolic in countless beaches, visit tropical gardens, and experience various cultural night tours. Fiji also offers several water sports, such as river tubing and scuba diving. 

Aside from the number of activities it offers, Fiji is also a great destination to sail with your yacht because it’s known to be very safe, plus the locals speak English. You will also experience a laid-back lifestyle when you’re in Fiji, which is perfect if you want to get rid of stress.  

3. Thailand 
Regardless if this is your first or ninth time to sail with your yacht, Thailand will not disappoint. This is an awesome destination for sailors because it offers sandy beaches, mountain ranges, and towering palm trees. These are some of the features you should look for in a destination if you’re looking forward to enjoying tranquility and peace when you’re in your yacht.  

If you want to enjoy a change of scenery, you can indulge in Thailand’s sensational nightlife with your friends or meet new ones in the new destination. You can also head to Phuket to enjoy the busyness of the destination and items that are made by the locals for tourists like you. Thailand is also a great place to try out interesting local cuisines.

With the variety of activities you can enjoy in Thailand, sailing here with your yacht will never be boring.  

4. Sicily, Italy 
Sailors from different parts of the world are easily attracted to Sicily, Italy, and with the number of activities and attractions it offers, there’s no question why. If you want to enjoy some of the best beaches when you sail in your yacht, make sure to visit this Mediterranean location soon. Sicily is also popular because of its quiet fishing villages and secluded anchorages. 

Sicily, Italy is also a great spot for aspiring artists as this destination houses several museums, galleries, and opera houses. You can also witness several chains of volcanic islands, try out exceptional cuisines, and visit astonishing islands while you’re in this place.

Plan ASAP 
Now that you have an idea of the best places to visit when you own a yacht, start planning your trip and inviting your friends and family. Your sailing experience will surely be one for the books if you’re doing it with people who are dear to you!

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