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The best ten cars to go camping with in 2021


These cars are ideal for people who like to put a lot of junk in the trunk or racks on the roof. We’ve specifically chosen these cars because they have plenty of storage space for all your camping and wilderness kit.

Whether you’re camping in a tent, caravan, or pop-up camper, you need a car you can rely on to haul all your kit. 

So, if you’re an avid camper looking for a new set of wheels, look no further we have some great suggestions for you! 

Storage space
These cars are ideal for people who like to put a lot of junk in the trunk or racks on the roof. 

We’ve specifically chosen these cars because they have plenty of storage space for all your camping and wilderness kit. 

Honda Ridgeline
This is one of only two pick-ups made by Honda. It might just be the perfect car for camping. 

Despite being a four-door vehicle, it also has a truck bed which gives you oodles of space for all your camping gear. You can also fit roof racks to give you yet more space for all your gear. 

We love the fact that this is a four-door. It makes it much better suited to families who like to head out into the wilderness.

If that wasn’t enough, the flatbed can be transformed into a sleeping platform and Honda even sells a specialized tent that fits into the flatbed! 

Ok so, just hear us out. 

This is a 7 seater car which means if you have a big family, there’s plenty of room for all the sprogs.

Secondly, There’s a surprising amount of space in this car. With all the seats up you get 12.8 cubic feet of space in the trunk. This might not seem huge but if you put the last row down you get a massive 48.6 cubic feet of storage space. If you put the next row down, you get a whopping 90.4 cubic feet of space! 

Chevy Blazer
This is an ideal crossover car. It has plenty of space for your kit with 30.5 cubic feet in the trunk. You can increase this space up to 64.2 cubic feet by putting the back seats down. 

However, what we love about this car is the fact that it looks sporty and sleek. It’s ideal for weekend campers who need an everyday vehicle as well.

Rugged vehicles
When you’re heading out into the wilderness, you need to be sure that your vehicle can handle the terrain. 

You’ll want a car with enough clearance to cover uneven terrain, an engine strong enough to pull all your kit, and construction strong enough to take a few hits. 

Subaru Outback
This is another crossover car. It can handle suburbia as well as the wilds. 

The car has all-wheel drive, water repellant interiors, skip plates, and a tow hitch. This means you can hook up your pop-up camper or trailer. 

You’ll also get plenty of space and strength with this car. It’s ideal for all kinds of adventures. 

Toyota 4Runner
This is perhaps the consummate camping car. It’s rugged, tough, and reliable. You can trust this car to take you and your family far into the outback.

It has incredible towing capacity managing 5000 lbs with ease. You can pull your trailer, pop-up, or caravan across the country with ease. 

It is nearly bombproof and can handle even the worst terrain. It contains CRAWL technology which allows it to clamber up the steepest hills by modulating the throttle and brakes. 

Honestly, this car is so strong and powerful, you’ll have no problem getting you wherever you need to go. 

Jeep Gladiator
There has to be a Jeep on this list! 

The Jeep Gladiator is essentially a wrangler with a flatbed on the back. It has all the rough, and rugged power of a wrangler but the added space of the flatbed. 

It can tow up to 7650 lbs and has a high air intake to allow for water fording and it also features a trail cam on the front and back. 

Land Rover Defender
Land Rovers are another car totally associated with the outdoors. The Defender comes in 2 or 4 door options. It has huge wheels giving it 11.5 inches of clearance making it ideal for rock-strewn paths. 

The Defender has some optional extras including an electric winch, a water reservoir, and roof carriers. 

Sleeper cars
Sometimes you need to sleep in your car. Whether it’s because the wind has picked right up or you can hear the chattering of animals. 

Car camping has become increasingly popular in recent years. With many enjoying the ease of the experience. 

The cars in this section are designed for car camping and feature sleeping spaces as well as other great features. 

Chrysler Pacifica
This is a bit of a family wagon but it is also ideal for camping. The two rows of back seats fold into the floor creating a flat surface that allows you to place a mattress. 

The space is large enough to take a full-size mattress with a little bit of squeezing. This means you’ll have plenty of space for you, the kids, and the pets to snuggle up at night! 

Pontiac Aztek
So, we’ll be honest. This is a pretty ugly looking car. However, it has a raft of features that makes it an ideal camping companion. 

First and foremost it contains stow-and-go seats which means you can transform the rear into a sleeping area. The tailgate swings open, and there is a slide-out cargo table for all your crockery, and items.

If you get the camping package, you also get a cooler in the center console, an air mattress, and a tent to fit the car. 

Honda Element
Two major features make the Honda Element ideal for camping. 

First and foremost it has a polyurethane floor that makes cleaning the mud and muck of the great outdoors away easily.

Secondly, this car comes with a factory hatch tent that is 10 foot by 10 foot and can sleep 6 people! This makes the car ideal for families who want to pop out for the weekend. 

Final thoughts
Any of these cars will be ideal for your next camping adventure. You’ll need to consider your own habits and situations to choose the one that’s best. 

Now that you’ve got the low down on camping cars, here’s our guide when choosing a pop up camper for your next adventure.

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