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The best three places to visit in Dubai with your family


In this article, we’ll draw attention to three of the best places to visit in Dubai with your family. 

The United Arab Emirates is unquestionably one of the economic miracles of the 20th and 21st centuries. As recently as 1960, Dubai was a relatively small city with little property development and simple, utilitarian buildings put to work for the benefit of its small population. 

In 2022, Dubai is a glitzy and expansive playground of shopping malls, theme parks, landmarks, and villas. Its rapid development from unknown to a global travel destination has quickly put it on the ‘must-visit’ list for many families who look abroad when booking their holidays. Despite recent inflation worries, access to credit is still available which is allowing families to book holidays as they would normally.

Given its relative youth, and the fact that the paint is still drying on a large proportion of Dubai’s infrastructure, its attractions are not that well known. In this article, we’ll draw attention to three of the best places to visit in Dubai with your family. 

Burj Khalifa
No first-time traveller can resist the urge to visit and gawp at the Burj Khalifa when they come to Dubai. With a height of 826 metres, the Burj is triple the height of Paris’s most famous landmark the Eiffel Tower. 

The building is truly staggering to behold and taking your family to look up at this magnificent piece of engineering should surely be at the top of your list when holidaying in the UAE. 

Viewing the building from the nearby grounds is free, but if you fancy taking a trip to the tower’s viewing platform on one of the world's fastest elevators this is possible. 

The cheapest tickets are the 80 AED Adult and 65 AED child tickets to the ‘Sky Views Observatory’ on floors 52 and 53, although you may notice that this is only a fraction of the way up the colossal structure. Floor 125 is the highest viewing point available, and you can gain admission to this viewing platform as part of the costly ‘At the Top’ package for an adult ticket price of 370 AED which equates to roughly £82.

Whether you decide to take the tip up, or simply view from the ground, visiting the Burj will be a jaw-dropping memory that you will remember forever. We recommend taking in the view of the building from the ground during the day and returning at night to see the tower’s impressive light show. 

It’s worth remembering that due to its size, the Burj is visible from many parts of the city. You might consider that when booking your hotel room, as rooms with a ‘view of the Burj’ may be available. Being able to see the Burj glimmering in the distance from your room will give your stay that quintessential Dubai touch.

Aquaventure Water ark
If your family enjoys wet & wild days out, then these don’t come in a bigger package than the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park.

UAE citizens can join for AED 199, but tourists will need to fork out AED 299 (£66 at the time of writing) for an all-access day pass. By waterpark standards, this is costly, as most European waterparks generally charge between £10 - £20 per person on entry. However, in return for this ticket price, you will experience one of the best waterparks in the world. 

Aquaventure Water Park is part of the Atlantis complex on Palm Jumeirah Island and its decor keeps with the ancient theme used throughout the resort. Don’t expect to see the usual array of blue slides and white tiling. Designers and builders invested a lot of time and money in creating a theme park atmosphere that couldn’t be further from your local swimming pool. 

The park features a whopping 105 slides and additional activities such as the ‘Raging Rapids’, and a private beach that extends for 2km, within walking distance.

Ski Dubai
Those looking for some relief from the intensity of the Dubai heat need look no further than Ski Dubai - an indoor real-snow ski slope located within the Mall of Emirates.

That’s right - you can ski on real snow in a country which regularly records temperatures of more than 45 degrees Celsius in the summer!

As well as providing beginner taster sessions for all the family, your kids may also enjoy watching you attempt the 10 ft ski ramp for brave-hearted and experienced skiers.

Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash

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