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The city destinations that exceed expectations


Analysis, by Radical Storage, of 140,000 Google reviews found Stockholm to be the most positively surprising city destination for tourists and holidaymakers. 93% of Stockholm’s reviews are positive, with Dubai the second most ‘positive’.

Luggage storage experts, Radical Storage, conducted a brand new study of how visitors to city destinations reviewed and felt about their trip, analysing the positive and negative sentiment left in over 140,000 Google Reviews of the city.

The analysis looked to reveal and further the psychological condition dubbed “Paris Syndrome” - where visitors to overly romanticised destinations can get overwhelmingly disappointed when they are faced with the reality. The results of the study indicating this condition could be very real, with Paris found to be the most underwhelming destination.

Popular cities that exceed expectations
Radical Storage’s study of over 140,000 Google Reviews, from 20 of the most popular city destinations for tourists, found Stockholm to be the most positively reviewed.

Of the over 2900 Google Reviews, 93% of Stockholm’s reviews were found to exhibit positive sentiment, with 27.7% of Stockholm’s positive reviews describing it as “great”.

Just behind Stockholm in the exceeding expectations list is Dubai. 92.9% of Dubai’s reviews on Google were found to be positive, with 26.7% describing Dubai as the “best” and 23.7% positively reviewing it as “amazing”.

The ‘top’ five cities that exceed expectations according to Google Reviews are:

  • Stockholm - 93.0%
  • Kuala Lumpur - 91.4%
  • Dubai - 92.9%
  • Cape Town - 92.0%
  • Amsterdam - 91.6%

Just behind the top 5 (as the 6th best), 91.2% of New York’s reviews are positive, with nearly a third (31.6%) describing ‘The Big Apple’ as “great” in their positive reviews.

Popular cities that don’t live up to expectation
While Radical Storage’s study did look to uncover the more underwhelming cities, it also looked to identify the cities that exceed peoples expectations.

From over 3,243 reviews of the ‘City Of Lights’ (Paris), 1 in 5 (18%) were found to be negative, with 25% of the negative reviews describing the French capital as “horrendous”.

Close behind Paris, nearly 1 in 6 (15.9%) of reviews for Hong Kong were negative. 21.6% of the negative reviews of Hong Kong described the city as ‘rude’, with 23.9% highlighting their disappointment.

The ‘top’ five cities that flatter to deceive according to Google Reviews are:

  • Paris - 18.1%
  • Hong Kong - 15.9%
  • Seoul - 13.3%
  • Bangkok - 12.6%
  • Singapore - 12.2%

In addition to the top 5, London was found to be the 8th most underwhelming city to visit. 11% of London’s reviews were found to be negative, of which 41.9% said they were disappointed.

Overall sentiment of the most popular city destinations
Of the 140,000 Google Reviews analysed, 10.4% showed some form of negativity towards the destination, while 89.6% are positive.

The most common phrase used in the reviews analysed was “great”, with over 1 in 4 (25.6%) of the reviews analysed calling the destination being reviewed “great”. Los Angles has the heist percentage use of the word “great” in its positive reviews (40.8%), followed by Amsterdam (38.6%).

In terms of the most used negative phrases, “disappointed” appears in near 1 in 3 (31.8%) of negative reviews, with Cape Town home to the highest percentage of the word “disappointed” appearing in negative reviews (48.3%), followed by London (41.9%).

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