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The coolest office in South Florida is Cruise Planners’ home office


Think tanks, ping-pong tables, and a whole lot of cruisitude make Cruise Planners the number one voted Coolest Office Competition winner.

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Cruise Planners is awarded the Coolest Office by South Florida Business Journal. Competing alongside Cruise Planners for the much sought-after recognition was Bacardi North America, American Express, and HKS Architects. Ultimately, the momentum Cruise Planners gained at the voting polls came down to the undeniable support of the nation-wide travel advisor network that is 2,500 advisors strong.

The dynamic and creative space was designed with Cruise Planners’ needs in mind by the ingenious Interior Architects an employee-owned firm with multi-talented professionals and a deep client focus. Working with a firm that shared Cruise Planner’s values made the design process enjoyable. The firm took into consideration Cruise Planners’ desire for a lively, fresh working environment that resonated and delighted clients and team members.

“A prominent hue of bright green ties all the various elements together to give the office an energizing and fun-loving spirit that resembles the Cruisitude exuded by our team members,” says Michelle Fee, CEO and Founder, Cruise Planners. “When someone walks into our corporate office, we want them to feel welcomed and at ease like the feeling you get coming home.”

Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted by sculpted figurines climbing alongside the receptionist’s desk. The figurines symbolize the entrepreneurial and adventure-seeking demeanor found across the nation-wide travel franchise network of advisors who book land and sea-based vacations for clients. At Cruise Planners Home office there is a mural of the glob highlighting the team’s passion for travel as well as word walls with mantras such as:

  • Create Cool Stuff
  • Deliver Great Service
  • Have Fun
  • Make Money
  • Change the Travel World

This is the mission team members rally in support of each day whether they are in the office or working remotely. Team members are excitedly anticipating returning to the Home office after working remotely since March. It is clear team members miss more than just the whimsical art and ping-pong tables - they miss working alongside professionals as determined as they are to make a positive impact in their client’s lives.

The collaborative nature of the Cruise Planners’ team motivated the architects to reimagine collaboration zones where team members could chit chat and host supplier partner trainings or luncheons. Retractable walls dividing the cafe and Think Tank can be open to accommodate the entire team of about 120 for townhall meetings or closed-off for small group gatherings.

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