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The Customer Respect Index___


The Customer Respect Index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of how well companies treat visitors to their Web sites. Our research team, with experience gained from reviewing over 2,500 Web sites, measures over 100 attributes of each site. We combine the measurements for each attribute into the CRI score for the site. This provides an overall benchmark of all sites, as well as for each individual attribute. We also assign scores to six 'sub-indexes' for each site, which provide an intermediate level of benchmarking.

These multiple levels of benchmarks enable us to establish common practice. This, coupled with the expertise of the research team, a deep knowledge of best practices and of Web user concerns, means that the CRI score is a reliable benchmark for the online user experience.

We measure the online user's general concerns and expectations by regular, non sitespecific user surveys. We do not conduct click stream analysis, nor do we interrupt site visitors with pop-up questions asking about their perceptions of the site. We only visit those pages of a site required for our benchmark measurements.

The six sub-index scores are also mapped into the three CRI categories: Ease of Use, Communication and Trust so that the information can be presented in an intuitive and easy to understand manner.

We ask customers what concerns them, what troubles them, what they find annoying and disrespectful. We, as consumers, all know lack of respect when we encounter it. We aim to represent that as much as possible in our surveys.

2. Ask the Expert
The Customer Respect Group has a team with unparalleled experience in Web site assessment. Some questions that would not occur to the average Web user are just as critical as those that would be obvious to them. Asking the expert is akin to your accountant or legal adviser prompting you with questions based upon years of training and experience.

3. Benchmark Data
Web site design generally follow trends. There are best and worst practices and it would be foolhardy to ignore accepted standards. The Customer Respect Group has reviewed and categorized more than 100 criteria each for over 2,500 sites. That experience has provided a database of a quarter of a million categorized and classified factors.

4. Input from corporations
We speak with many major corporations to gain their insight and to learn about their issues and challenges with their online offerings.

The following are some of the key attributes we measure for every site we review.

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