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The five tips if you travel in Brussels, the heart of Europe


In a nutshell, Brussels, the heart of Europe is a milestone of natural beauty. This is the best place for your next vacation tour.

Brussels is the biggest city in Belgium. It is also called the heart of Europe. Brussels has always appeared an epitome of attraction for tourists. The city is amazing for its historical scenario, ancient architectural landmarks, and unparalleled beauty of its deserts. Furthermore, it is the center of significant international organizations such as the EU and NATO. Brussels food items hold their uniqueness. Traditional cuisines like Waffles, Chocolate, and Moules-Frites are worldwide famous. Historical museums are also here. These museums represent the cultural heritage of Brussels. In short, Brussels is a remarkable place from every aspect of tourism. Let’s have a look at 5 tips if you travel in Brussels. If you want to travel, you should know these aspects.

1. Do visit architectural milestones
Brussels is best known for its ancient Architectural history.  The Belgian Comic Strip: Farce is a part of human life and amuses us. Belgian Comic Strip is the best place in this regard. The museum welcomes you whole-heartily. It is a landmark of the European Comic Strip. It is the true representation of ancient Belgian culture. In the past, it was a part of the Textile Industry. It came under Government control in 1980. This Comic Strip is opened for tourists on a specific day. The opening days are from Tuesday to Sunday and Timing from to 6 p.m.

Foundation Frison: Another historical place as well as a platform for cultural exchange between east and west. Its structure and design remind us of the living style of the 19th-century bourgeois. In 2003, this monument became a part of UNESCO's world heritage.

2. Brussels airline guide
There are many airports in this largest city but we recommend two for your ease and comfort. Zaventem Airport: An international airport situated in Zaventem. It takes 20 minutes to reach there by train from the central city. This airport provides you all your traveling facilities according to your budget and desire.

Brussels Charleroi Airport: The second best choice to make your journey comfortable and charming. One of the nearest airports to Brussels. It is just 5 km away from the central city. This site also provides all facilities like online booking, possible parking area and food stalls and restaurants. To get your flight schedules visit its site. Here you will see all flight schedules from all around the Europe to Brussels.

3. Refresh yourself with traditional food
Belgian foods hold their uniqueness due to their taste and traditional cooking methods. Generally, all but particularly Bruxellois food will enhance your appetite. Belgian waffles, Frits, and stoemp have a mouthwatering look and taste. Clean and well-equipped food stalls, restaurants, and cafes catch tourist’s attraction. Moreover, bonus tips are given at weekend. So get a reservation if you truly enjoy Belgian cuisines.

4. How to stay safe?
It's really secure to visit Brussels. Since it is a tourist area, though, Brussels can also be a pickpocketing and petty crime hotspot, so be on the lookout for that. (Though violent crime is very rare.) 

Still have faith in your gut instinct. Get out of there if your hotel is seedier than you thought. Make copies, like your passport and ID, of your personal papers. Do not do it in Brussels if you do not do it at home! 

You should stop walking around a few areas by yourself in the evenings, including Schaerbeek, Brussels North.

5. Do not forget to hire Door2Gate
Door2Gate is a super-fast transport service. This is a smart Taxi from Brussels to Charleroi Airport. It charges 29, 99 euro per passenger. This smart cab takes you to the main city from Charleroi airport in no time. Everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable journey. So Door2Gate is the best choice for you. It gives you to guaranteed facilities.

You can book your reservations in the inner-city using your mobile or laptop

  • Just open its website and update your arrival time at the airport. It keeps an authentic record of your departure and arrival time.
  • Secondly, it gives you the cheapest rates as compared to other local and traditional transport. Avail you budget-friendly fare rates.

Last but not the least, we cannot deny the factual beauty of Brussels. The ancient city is the true representation of cultural heritage due to its unique architectural landmarks, tourist spots, and entertainment strategies. In a nutshell, Brussels, the heart of Europe is a milestone of natural beauty. This is the best place for your next vacation tour.

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