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The four week countdown is on to Évora Forum – A World for Travel


The first major sustainability focused travel conference is taking place in Portugal on 16 - 17 September.

In just four weeks’ time, tourism ministers, professors and industry leaders will come together at the Évora Forum – A World for Travel to discuss some of the most pressing issues impacting the travel industry’s collective position on sustainability. During the two-day conference, key segment accomplishments and challenges will be shared so through their collective collaboration can develop five commitments to be put into action to accelerate the transformation of travel for the better. 

Across the travel industry both B2C and B2B demand is increasing ten-fold for sustainable travel options and practices to be implemented. Neither the social nor environmental crises can no longer be glossed over.  The shifting changes will continue to have a direct impact on tourism highlighted by the recent wildfires in the US, Greece and Turkey and the flooding in Asia and Austria.  Drastic changes need to be made urgently and the travel industry needs to take responsibility.  The recent research in the Belvera B2B sustainability report 2021 found only 17% of the 350 companies analysed had a sustainability report and only 3% feature sustainability clearly on their website which highlights steps need to be taken to adjust mindsets.

There will be over 30 presentations, panel sessions and discussion groups during the Évora Forum – A World for Travel covering a variety of issues from how sustainable business travel should look to the zero-carbon target and the transport and mobility solutions to reach this. The schedule can be viewed online here

Sessions on both days will include Ministers of Tourism, NGOs and industry leaders representing all points of view and collectively they will share lessons learned.

In the climate and environmental space revered speakers include Jeremy Smith, co-founder of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, Professor Lloyd Waller, executive director of GTRCMC, Pascal Viroleau, CEO, Vanilla Islands and Raj Gyawali, founder, Socialtours, Nepal will be discussing the shifting climate changes and impact on tourism during day one of Evora. The session will look at the next decade and which areas will most be affected and how this will impact tourism and those who work in the sector. And conversely, speaking about how tourism impacts the environment, the H.E. Dr. Edita Dapo, Minister of Tourism and the Environment, Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina joins Beks Ndlovu of Safari Camps, Fabio Casili of Respire-Breathe and Ianni Massimo to shed light on where changes can be made.

Over 20 ministers and heads of state will share their existing commitments to make sustainable changes.

Among them, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in their tourism proposition and BBC broadcaster Rajan Datar will interview H.E. Ahmed Al Khateeb, the minister of tourism about building a new destination in the 21st century and the sustainable measures which are being implemented to support the growth of tourism in the region.

Christian Delom, Secretary General, A World for Travel commented: “With just four weeks until the first A World for Travel, Evora Forum we are overwhelmed at the commitment being made by tourism ministers and travel companies across the world to support the transformation of the industry through sustainable practices. Now more than ever the travel industry has the opportunity to reset and rebuild, we cannot ignore the climate crisis and need to make changes which support the development of a more sustainable future, to save at the same time travel and the planet.”

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