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The most popular hotels around the world that you might want to visit


Most hotels nowadays offer you the basics, but have you ever wondered about the most popular hotels around the world.

One of the most precious experiences in life is traveling. Indeed, there is no person in the world who can deny that. Traveling opens your mind and alters your perspective on life, by connecting you to other cultures and civilizations. Not to mention the amazing, picturesque places you can visit, which you can now photograph with your smartphone with no hassle at all. 

Naturally, when it comes to traveling, the two first things that you must take care of are the means of travel and the accommodation. The means of travel are more limited (you’ve got planes, trains, buses, cars, and boats) whereas the forms of accommodation nowadays have drastically increased, ranging from an incredible variety of hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs to even tents by the sea in tropical islands!

Most hotels nowadays offer you the basics, but have you ever wondered about the most popular hotels around the world? Well, here is your chance to find out about them!

1. La Mamounia — Marrakech, Morocco
One of the oldest and most luxurious hotels globally, the La Mamounia in Marrakech is considered to still hold a unique charm, continuing to attract its faithful visitors from around the world. Famous celebrities, like Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, and Paul McCartney (who wrote a song about it in fact) have expressed their love and admiration for this hotel, which is inarguably connected to the city’s history. 

From the 1900s until today, it combines the style of an Arabic grand estate with classic architecture. The hotel guests can enjoy delicious meals in the hotel restaurant, as well as in the other two restaurants that are on-site, sip their drinks by the famous swimming pool and play games in the Casino all night long. How can this not make you feel like Humphrey Boggart after all? 

2. Waldorf Astoria Shanghai On The Bund
This is one of the largest hotels, comprising two buildings, with 252 rooms and 20 suites and possibly the tallest bar in the world, in the Waldorf Astoria Club. It boasts an elegant style with exquisite taste that is reflected in the choice of building materials, carpets, and fabrics. The view from its rooms is truly magnificent, as you watch the boats pass by on the Huangpu River. This beautiful hotel will pamper you with its comforts compelling you to visit it over and over again. 

3. Hotel Lungarno In Florence, Italy
Another great view can be cherished from the rooms and the lounge of the famous 5-star Lungarno hotel, located on the bank of River Arno in Florence, Italy. This 1 Michelin Star hotel actually astonishes its guests with one of the largest art collections in the world, consisting of more than 450 works of art! Situated near all the famous sights of Florence, it is the best choice for the experienced traveler who wants to get to know the city well, but also an ideal start for novices, who will relish the most iconic samples of Italian art, architecture, and cuisine. Don’t forget to order your Gin and Tonic and a fruit salad, which you will enjoy sitting comfortably on the elegant sofas, watching the little boats passing by outside the large window.   

4. Hôtel Du Cap-Eden-Roc — Antibes, France
How about traveling to the famous Cote d'Azur, in the South of France? Only a few miles from Nice and Monaco, you can find the glamorous Hôtel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, on the beautiful coast of Antibes. This majestic grand hotel, dating back to 1870, has been the focus of wealthy bon-viveurs and the European elite since its first opening. Its comfortable rooms overlook the Mediterranean Sea, and you can just sit by the window and gaze as ferries pass slowly by. 

Its other attractions include a swimming pool, located right by the seaside, tennis courts, and restaurants surrounded by pine trees. You can have a tasty dinner there, while you plan your next-day trip around the coast to Cannes, Nice, and Monaco, among other places. Don’t forget to visit the famous Monte Carlo Casino! Finally, the gentle staff of the Hôtel Du Cap-Eden-Roc is ready to welcome you dressed in their neatly pressed hotel uniforms, wearing their best smiles, while they serve you aperitifs by the swimming pool. What is there not to love in this hotel?

5. The Gwen, A Luxury Collection Hotel In Chicago
This iconic hotel of Chicago, which takes its name after Gwen Lux, a famous sculptor of the previous century, is housed in the McGraw-Hill building, one of the landmarks of the city since the 1920s. Its interior bonds perfectly with the time-preserved exterior, bringing the Art deco tradition into the design of the rooms and its lounges. Equally famous (and many times photographed) is its rooftop bar, with its comfortable armchairs and sofas surrounded by the tall Chicago skyscrapers, making you feel part of the city. You can also find a restaurant there, where you can savor meals of exquisite taste and plan your next morning tour of the city.

6. W Doha – Qatar
The W is another example of the luxury and elegance that you expect from the top hotels in the Middle East. Surrounded by the emblematic buildings and skyscrapers of Doha, it is an impressive building itself, a typical specimen of the modern architecture that prevails pretty much in all Arabic cities nowadays. It boasts 442 rooms, filled with its endless comforts and arabesque luxury, which are bound to satisfy even the most demanding visitor. There is also a Paris Spa, a pool, and six restaurants, some with private rooms. The hotel is also located in a very favorable place, the financial district of the city, which serves its business guests very well.

Photo by Fernando Álvarez Rodríguez on Unsplash

These are just a minuscule portion of the world’s finest hotels that number in the thousands. You can find one in every place you visit, each of them offering comfortable and unforgettable experiences that will only leave you wanting more. The hotels mentioned here may not be for everyone, mainly due to their expensive rooms and amenities, but they are surely worth a visit one day. And after two years of quarantine, we all deserve that precious vacation in a beautiful place, whether it’s on a far-off mountain or a famous beach full of people. So, why not start traveling now? There’s no better time than today.

Main photo by Francesca Saraco on Unsplash

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