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The Travel Institute releases new Exploring The World, 5th Edition


Popular geography guide adds all-new destinations, content, and categories.

FRAMINGHAM, MA – The Travel Institute has released the 5th edition of its popular Exploring the World, ETW, tourism geography reference guide for frontline travel agents. This recent update includes dozens of new destinations; hundreds of additional sights, attractions and local cuisine details; plus extensive updates for Canada, Bermuda, South America, Antarctica, United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

“Exploring The World goes well beyond basic geography,” noted Guida Botelho, CTIE, director of education for The Travel Institute, the travel industry’s non-profit and independent education leader. “It cuts through endless data sources to give agents a validated what-to-do-and-see, when-to-go, and how-to-get-around look at the top cities, countries and regions of the world. It’s truly a kaleidoscope of possibilities,” she remarked.

First published in 2001, the interactive, online version was launched in early 2021 as an option to the printed textbook. Affordably priced in line with the nonprofit's mission to advance the industry, ETW supports new agents and industry veterans alike with fingertip access to synthesized, nuanced information and anecdotes that create manageable but meaningful destination overviews that include history, culture, climate, transportation, cuisine, accommodations and more. 

ETW also provides agents with trip-planning specifics, such as documentation required, peak travel dates, safety and security information, and transportation. To support agent learning and retention throughout more than 400 pages and 15 chapters, ETW utilizes maps, photography, graphics, chapter objectives and summaries, along with search capabilities, a companion workbook to reinforce learning and retention and agent progress tracking as they go through the material. Other special features in the ETW 5th Edition include:

  • Increased visual aids with more photos as well as figures and tables throughout and maps providing visual summaries of the cities, attractions and physical features covered in text 
  • Close-Ups providing sample itineraries, potential traveler objections and questions/responses as well as questions such as: Who is a good match for a trip? Why would they want to visit? When is the best time to go?
  • Profiles and What’s Special sections highlighting the destination’s cuisine, shopping lures, sports attractions, and activities of special interest
  • Tips and Notes with trivia facts and anecdotes noted for the agent 
  • On the Spot true-to-life scenarios presenting face-to-face, challenging situations and tips on dealing with traveler concerns
  • Potluck featuring food and dining specialties unique to a destination
  • Key Terms at the end of every chapter

“The Travel Institute’s Exploring The World is simply the best geography textbook on the market,” reiterated Professor Vivienne Sario, director for the College of Southern Nevada’s Tourism, Convention and Event Planning Program, offering a Bachelor of Applied Science, or BAS, degree for students pursuing a career in travel.

The ETW textbook is also bundled with TRIPKIT, The Travel Institute’s flagship introductory training course and the industry’s leading entry-level education program, which is used by individuals, agencies and schools for new agent training. A self-guided course with online and print components, TRIPKIT has long been recognized as the industry’s gold standard for new agent training. Turn-key and affordable, TRIPKIT is often the first step toward industry certification, creating  a career path for potential travel advisors by providing a comprehensive overview of booking air, ground, accommodations, cruises, tours and packages while also exposing potential new agents to numerous other nuances in booking travel today.

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