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The world’s most powerful passports 2022


Let’s take a look then at some of the world’s most powerful passport as of 2022. 

In light of the fact that the UK has recently left the European Union, thus making its passport less ‘powerful’ when traveling throughout the continent, we have been looking at those countries which have the strongest passports. What we are referring to here is not whether or not these passports are able to gain access to countries, as all do, but how difficult things are regarding the length of time one can stay and the speed it takes to get through the airport for holders. 

Having a great passport helps you to travel easier, just as using the web to send money online helps you to save on local currency costs. With this in mind, let’s take a look then at some of the world’s most powerful passport as of 2022. 

Japan and Singapore
There is no doubt that Japan and Singapore offer the most powerful passport when it comes to travel freedom. In fact those who hold these passports are allowed to access 192 countries in the world, without even requiring a visa. 

Germany and South Korea
Coming in closely behind Japan and Singapore is Germany and South Korea, whose citizens have access to 190 countries around the world without the requirement of first obtaining a tourist visa. Naturally those who wish to live abroad have to go through the visa process, but for basic tourism, there is no need to do any work before arriving, assuming you have one of these powerful passports. 

European Union
Most European nations are signed up to the Schengen area agreement which allows for the free movement of people. What this means for most people within the area is that they need no visa to pass through these countries, and they can do so as many times as they would like. Going back to what we discussed in the intro, there is no doubt that the British passport is still strong, but leaving the EU has certainly damaged its credentials. 

Top ten contenders
And finally we have the other nations which make up the top 10 most powerful passports. The United States allows entry to 186 nations visa-free, Canada and Australia are both tied, offering 185 destinations around the world which their citizens can enter without any need for a visa. 

The Weakest
Not all nations are as lucky as those which we have discussed in this list, and if there is a most powerful passport, there must also be a weakest. As you may imagine, those are currently passports which have been issued by Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Pakistan. Given the conflicts which we have seen around the world, additional limits have been placed on citizens of these nations, in the interest of international safety. Those coming from these countries can still travel, but they have to go through an arduous process when it comes to getting a visa which will allow access to other countries. 

Do you have a powerful passport? And most importantly, are you making the best use of it?

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