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Things to know before getting a rental car


There are some important things to note before renting out a car. These are tips that could save you a fair amount of money and keep you from making the mistakes these companies hope you make.

It’s hard to believe there was a point in time where mankind walked everywhere they wanted to go. Society had no means of transportation over land for thousands of years. You might raise a hand and say well what about horses? There still was a long period of time before the domestication of the horse and even then not everyone could just have a horse. For the most part people walked where they had to go and the ability to have our own vehicles capable of reaching the high speeds we know today is a recent innovation.

Most of us should own a vehicle at home but there are some things that a car can’t do. One of things is to accompany us on flights or ships. It is possible to find ours isolated from the vehicles we own, in situations where we would very much need them. So what is the answer to our lack of transportation?

Luckily rental cars are a thing to always keep in mind when traveling. You could use taxis and ubers, or just rent your own vehicle so you are never caught without one. Sure it can be pretty daunting to drive around in a place you have never been before, but it can also be adventurous to get a feel of a new city’s traffic, or the back roads of a rural area.

There are some important things to note before renting out a car however. These are tips that could save you a fair amount of money and keep you from making the mistakes these companies hope you make.

If you are in possession of a damaged or even totaled vehicle and don’t know what to do with it, luckily there are multiple options for you to take. One of the easiest ways to get rid of your car is to sell it online. There are websites willing to pay fair prices for damaged and totaled vehicles.

Renting out a car is not the cheapest thing in the world. On top of paying for the rental you also have to spend money covering the insurance of the vehicle. Of course, unless your auto insurance plan already covers rental vehicles. If you plan on renting a car check to see if rental cars are covered. Some credit cards even offer rental car insurance so being aware of what you have could save you money.

This is great because rental car insurance can be pretty expensive. Be careful however because even if it is covered on your insurance, these rental car agencies will try to talk you into purchasing their insurance. Stand firm and don’t pay them any more money then you need too because it's a common practice to scare the customer into getting their insurance, even if the customer’s auto insurance already covers it.

Another tip that could save you some money is that you should always top off the tank before you return the rental car. The reason for this is because rental companies do not just charge for the gas, they charge way more then what you would pay to fill it at a gas station. Of course this differs from rental shop to rental shop but you could be paying up to 5 times as much on gasoline for your rental car.

One of the biggest fears when renting a car is having a dispute over a damage claim. You could have rented a car, have absolutely nothing happen to it, and be charged for a scratch that was there before you left their lot. When renting out a vehicle always do a walk around and try to find any damage on the car. Take out your phone and videotape your walk around and take pictures of all the damage you do find. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and the worst kind of money to waste is money that goes to someone pulling a scam on you.

It’s important also to make sure they inspect the vehicle while you're there so that you have the advantage of being able to argue for yourself in person. If no one is willing to look at the vehicle, take another video so that you can have proof you caused no damage.

I hope with these tips you are able to save some money and feel more comfortable with renting out a car. Although there are some tricks these rental shops can pull on you to make you spend more money, being able to rent a car when you need it is an in

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