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Three days in Chicago: Summer edition


Itinerary tips for a perfect 3-day stay in Chicago

From breathtaking skyscrapers to a plethora of world-class museums, friendly locals, endless public sparks, and rich history of music, the reasons to visit Chicago are by far too many to mention.

But did you know that you can explore America’s 3rd largest city in as few as three days? Yes, and you can do it in the warmer months of the year too.

Let’s walk together and explore some ways you can spend your 3-day visit to the windy city in summer!

What to know about visiting Chicago in summer 
Despite the name, “windy city”, Chicago’s summer is usually sunny, hot, and humid, but showers are to be expected out of the blues sometimes. So, you might want to pack the right essentials for this kind of weather.

Other than this, the warmer months are arguably the best to be in Chicago, which is why the gorgeous lakefront attracts flocks of people from around the country and the world.

Getting around Chicago in 3 days
It’s fairly easy to get around Chicago. You could literally walk the entire downtown in a day if you wanted to, and visit the different monuments, museums, and attractions from there. However, the most popular transportation options include:

Limo rentals
A limousine rental is a fairly common transportation option for visitors in Chicago. And there are lots of them here, including Echo Limousine, an interstate limo service that specializes in short and long-distance limo transport services. A limousine hire allows you to explore the second city in style and luxury.

Metro bus
Chicago’s metro bus system serves about 300 bus lines and many trolley lines. The free metro bus gives you fast and easy access to all major attractions downtown, while the pay-as-you-go meter buses allow you to explore more nooks and corners.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Train
Chicago’s CTA is known for its great “L” system which runs from the northernmost end of Chicago and covers many of the city’s tourist attractions. So, taking the “L” is the most economical option to see the city, but be prepared to pay a little bit extra as they do not offer free ride passes.

Apart from these, you can also use rideshare, bike share, or even take a boat tour!

Where to stay in Chicago
There are a whole lot of comfy and affordable places you can stay in the windy city depending on your needs. Whether you’re a bachelor planning an epic night or traveling with family, here are a few of the many hotels to stay in Chicago so you can comfortably explore the city in 3 days,

  • Gold Coast Hotel - Unique hotel located near the train station in Chicago
  • The Thompson Hotel - Romantic, chic, and only 20 min away from Millennium Park.
  • Terrace Hotel - For those seeking a modern and sophisticated hotel, just a few miles from Michigan Avenue.
  • Park Tower - An ultra-luxurious apartment hotel, located in the heart of the city, that allows you to experience true living.

Itinerary tips for a perfect 3-day stay in Chicago

Day 1

Lakefront tour 
The city of Chicago is bordered by a 24-mile-long portion of Lake Michigan, which is among the top sporting lakes in America. While this is a beautiful and rewarding feature to have, it can be an obstacle to exploring the city. It is one of the main reasons why a guided tour around the lakefront comes highly recommended.

Museum Campus
Just adjacent to Lake Michigan, this 57-acre park of art and sculpture is simply stunning. A stroll through the Museum Campus lets you grace your eyes with some of the city's most iconic attractions.

Art Institute of Chicago
The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the oldest museums in the world and is home to some of the most well-known pieces in art history. It’s also among the largest art museums in the United States.

Day 2

Lincoln Park Zoo
Located in the northwest of the city, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a huge attraction. It offers an ideal chance for families to explore a wide range of animals from around the world.

Tour The Magnificent Mile 
This is perhaps the most famous shopping street in Chicago, and quite possibly the world! Founded in 1887, the street stretches for over two miles and offers an array of stores.

Wrigley Field
Do you love baseball? If the answer is “yes”, then this is the destination for you! The iconic Wrigley Field is located in the heart of Chicago and serves as the baseball stadium for the Chicago Cubs.

Day 3

Millennium Park
Millennium Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Chicago. Covering almost 25 acres of land, this park offers gorgeous views over Lake Michigan and downtown, not to mention colorful gardens, iconic statues, events, public art, and so much more.

Shedd Aquarium
At the heart of Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium is one of the largest in the United States. Boasting nearly 3,000 animals, including hundreds of sea creatures from the deepest depths of the seas, the aquarium captures the beauty and mystique of the world’s oceans.

360 Observation Deck
If you’re up for an extreme view of the city, head to the top of the John Hancock Building, 94th floor. Located on Michigan Ave, this amazing skyscraper is one of its kind as far as skyline views are concerned. 

Touring Chicago in summer can be a fun-filled and memorable experience. The above are just a few of the places you may want to include in your itinerary.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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