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Top amazing attractions that you must visit when you go to Turkey


The long coastlines, beautiful beaches, different frames of its cultural heritage sites are just some of the many reasons why this country is so attractive to tourists all over the world.

Turkey offers a wide variety of options for adventures and activities that you can do during your family vacation or even with your friends and co-workers. Of course, when you visit any country or region, what attracts people besides their culture and arts are their sceneries which make them unique from other places around the globe. Listed below are the top amazing attractions that you must visit when you visit Turkey.

Mardin Museum
This unique museum offers an amazing venue for Turkish history and it is also a place where you can learn about the historical artifacts of the Middle-East region. Going on all-inclusive holidays to Turkey will not be complete until you visit the Mardin Museum. The collection features antiquities, fine arts, and different other memorabilia that are valuable to see in this museum. 

You will be able to trace back your roots from this particular tourist attraction because there's where you'll find out what happened in Turkey prior to 63 AD. If you want something that will help you understand more about their culture then this should be one of your priorities when visiting Turkey. It is located at Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Cerrahpaşa Caddesi No:2, 06400 Mardin, Turkey.

As you can see from its name, this historical site is known for its unique frame. It features a natural phenomenon that has emerged from the carbonate minerals and water located within the hot springs of Hierapolis which is an ancient part of Turkey's Anatolian region and it dates back to the 2nd century BC. 

You can combine this place with soaking in hot springs. The mineral-rich waters will provide relaxation to your body as well as amazing health benefits while at the same time allowing you to experience something different since Mardin museums only provide history about things prior to 63 AD. It is located in Pamukkale, Turkey.

Antalya Aquarium
Aside from the beautiful beaches that you'll be able to see during your visit to this place, you can also find an aquarium that will aid you to understand the many marine animals and fish that live around the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. 

The construction of this tourist attraction started back in 1989 and it has since then featured several exhibits which were all designed to provide a natural habitat for these animals while featuring different themes such as Underwater World, Mediterranean Coastline, and more. If you want something amusing to do while on your Turkish vacation then head over to the Antalya Aquarium because it provides something new and exciting within its walls. It is located at Kurtulus Mahallesi, Admiral Iskender Cekerci Sokak No:5 Alara Marina Plaza, 07060 Antalya/Turkey.

Basilica Cistern
This tourist attraction shows one of the many architectural designs that were made in the 6th century AD and there are different frames where you can find out about some of the historical events that happened during this period. The cistern is actually a stone water reservoir where it was used back then when it was connected with aqueducts that transferred water from mountainous areas to places within Istanbul. 

You'll be amazed by its structure especially with the Byzantine mosaic which has been preserved all throughout centuries due to restoration efforts done on it within recent years. It is located in the Cankurtaran neighborhood, Fatih district, Istanbul, Turkey.

Bursa Ulucami
Constructed back in the 15th century AD, this mosque has served as a place for worship of Muslim people for centuries and it was also used to house important religious figures during the Ottoman Empire. The complex that houses this unique piece is great because you can learn about Turkish history through its architecture and there's no doubt that visiting this tourist attraction will be worth your time once you have everything planned out according to your itinerary when visiting Turkey. It is located at Kiran St., Osmangazi district 02700 Bursa/Turkey.

Goreme Open Air Museum
One of the best places for viewing rock-cut churches, castles, cave dwellings, and more is at Goreme Open Air Museum. It features unique structures that were created back during the late stages of the Roman Empire which are different from the typical houses that are commonly built in areas located underneath mountains. This tourist attraction is a great place to visit if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle going on in Turkey's large cities such as Istanbul or Ankara because it's calmer here. It is located in Goreme, Turkey.

Photo by Emre on Unsplash

It really is not difficult to see why Turkey has been voted as one of the most popular tourist countries in the world. The long coastlines, beautiful beaches, different frames of its cultural heritage sites are just some of the many reasons why this country is so attractive to tourists all over the world!

Main photo by Anna on Unsplash

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