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Top breathtaking spots that you shouldn't miss when visiting Montenegro


On our quest to show you some of the best spots in this amazing country, here are the places you should not miss out on. 

Montenegro is a small country in the Western Balkans and is a breathtaking place with a number of tourist attractions. The very name Montenegro is an Italian word meaning “Black Mountain,” and just as the name dramatically suggests, there are indeed many dark mountains and breathtaking sights that never fail to meet anyone’s expectations. It is a tiny country overlooking the Adriatic Sea that has so many things to offer. Namely, Montenegro is the first officially proclaimed ecological country. It is the land of lakes, rivers, canyons, and the sea. On our quest to show you some of the best spots in this amazing country, here are the places you should not miss out on. 

Boka Bay 
Among the most popular bays in Europe, the Boka Bay spreads from Perast and Kotor to Tivat and Herceg Novi. This location is home to some of the most beautiful historical spots in Montenegro. Since this small country was a part of the different republics throughout history, all of these left a special mark that makes the Bay cities appear as if they are trapped in time and space. It would be a major sin if you left Montenegro without visiting these cities. You can take your chance and explore Montenegro with Kotor tours by picking a couple of different arrangements. Old towns, Italian spirit, and interesting people are all the charming details of this unique bay. Besides, there are many legends bound to this bay. One of them is about the Bay Fairy. It would be very interesting to ask locals about these stories. We promise you will not be disappointed. 

Budva and Sveti Stefan 
Montenegro is a hot tourist place and it has become the capital of tourism. Budva has been the tourist capital of the country ever since. Budva is known for its wild nightlife, luxurious hotels, docked marina, and the most beautiful beaches. Just as with any coastal city in Montenegro, there is an Old Town and a new town. Old Town Budva is a UNESCO-listed area. This breathtaking spot is made of stone alleyways, Venetian walls, and cobbled paths. Not far away from Budva, you will come across an islet known as Sveti Stefan. It is a rich and unique islet, dating back to the 15th century. This unique complex is a set of houses covered in rich red-tiled rooftops, cobbled pathways, and Mediterranean plants. Not too long ago, this islet was turned into a luxurious resort. 

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Lake Skadar 
This is the biggest lake in Montenegro. As we have previously mentioned, Montenegro is known for its lakes, yet Lake Skadar is much different than any other. Namely, this lake is among the richest lakes in Europe with the highest number of endemic species. Besides, it is extremely rich in fish and water lilies, which makes it a spectacular sight. You will be stunned by the old fisherman's houses and traditional boats of fishermen roaming over the lake while seeking the best catch. The lake is surrounded by numerous mountain peaks. For the fullest experience, it would be amazing to explore the lake with a boat and take a chance to observe birds nesting. Lake Skadar is surrounded by some of the oldest fortresses in Montenegro. This area offers many different options for excursions. For instance, for the fullest experience, it would be amazing to go on a hike to Pavlova Strana and witness the most glorious panorama ever. 

Ostrog Monastery 
Located near the city of Niksic, Ostrog is one of the most sacred places in Montenegro. It is the place where people from all different countries and religions pay their visits so that they can pray for the health and well-being of their closest people. There are numerous stories connected to the monastery and the immaculate miracles that the stones around this sacred place witnessed. The building itself is built on a rock. Nearby, there are grapes growing from the stone that are known to cure infertility. According to some, women who drank wine made from this grape gave birth to healthy children. Also, there is a thumb of the saint where people usually take their prayers. If you are going to Ostrog, then you should pour some water from the stone spring. This water is known to cure even the most severe illnesses. 

Montenegro, despite being one of the smallest places in Europe, is a country of the most amazing beauty. There are many reasons why you will want to come back again. One of the top reasons is the super kind Montenegrinians, who are also known to be among the most beautiful people in the world.

Main photo by Maksim Dyachuk from Pexels

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