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Top five destinations to visit in Africa with a negative PCR test and no quarantine


With all these travel barriers even after the rollout of the jabs, you are left thinking of where you can go to simply relax, refresh and recharge. For that matter, Africa would be one of the best options. 

Covid-19 has been the greatest pandemic in all the recent centuries. While the world almost took the whole of 2020 without any serious hope; in the first weeks of December 2020, the first vaccines were rolled out in the different western countries; including but not limited to United Kingdom, United States of America among several other countries.

Unfortunately, even after the rollout of the first jabs, the virus continues to remain unpredictable in countries such as India, USA and Brazil. While the world was still awestruck by the deaths due to Covid-19 in Brazil and USA; it has blown out of proportion in India to the point that help from other countries seems to be the only possible option to address the issue at hand.

While you are still stricken by deaths; the travel restrictions have also become another barrier equally devastating in some parts of the world. In some parts of the world such as United Kingdom, holidays were banned. For those who were already outside UK and had to return home, they are subject to a mandatory quarantine.

With all these travel barriers even after the rollout of the jabs, you are left thinking of where you can go to simply relax, refresh and recharge. For that matter, Africa would be one of the best options. Unfortunately, not all African countries have an open travel policy without Quarantine. 

Here are the top five African destinations you can visit with a negative PCR test without worrying about quarantine.

Gifted by nature; the pearl of Africa is one of the few countries on the African continent that you can visit without fear of getting quarantined upon arrival. Did you know that you can go on a Uganda safari right away from the airport? All you will need is a negative PCR test certificate. 

Are you not yet convinced why you should visit Uganda? The Pearl of Africa is one of the leading primate destinations on the African continent. Many adventure activities await you on your next trip. From the rare meet-up with the great apes on a gorilla trek in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Park to traditional wildlife safaris in Uganda’s national parks, there is a lot to do on your holiday! Other memorable adventures include chimpanzee tracking expeditions in tropical rain forests, golden monkey tracking, nature walks and more.

Uganda is one of the best options at your disposal. With the good weather, you can visit Uganda anytime of the year. 

The country also boasts of game drives in national parks. Antelopes, big game such as the African Elephant, cape buffaloes, lions, leopards, cheetah among several other wildlife species make your game drive worthwhile.

These include the popular Murchison Falls National park, one of the most beautiful savanna national parks in East Africa. The 3,893 km2 has almost major mammals in Africa and on a single game drive you can easily see even some of the big five including lions, elephants and buffaloes. The park is advantaged with the Nile River that flows through the land creating the beautiful Murchison Falls.

Kidepo valley national park is another remote national park that is worthy visiting during your safari. Located in the far north of Uganda, this national park is the only place where you can see cheetahs while in the country. Its remote located has kept the park off the beaten path and during your safari, you will also experience the unique culture of the Karimojong People, a tribe that has not yet been changed a lot by the modern world.

On your itinerary, you should not forget the Queen Elizabeth National Park a popular park in Africa where you can see the tree climbing lions. Located in Western Uganda, the park spans the Equator Line and it hosts over 95 mammals. If you love birding, the park is the ultimate place since it hosts over 600 bird species. 

The less explored Pian Upe Game Reserve is one of the next savanna reserves that are worthy exploring. 

The home of Kilimanjaro mountains; the highest mountains on the African continent is by far one of the best destinations to visit amidst the covid-19 pandemic. The country never closed its borders to tourists anytime during the pandemic. The country has just continued to grow strong.

One of the activities you can consider for your visit in Tanzania include; Chimpanzee tracking, mountain climbing and hikes, amazing game drives and the iconic great migration in Serengeti national park. 

Tanzania has a number of airports which makes it easy to transfer from one city to other in this large country. Tanzania safaris are often garnished with the sandy beaches of Zanzibar. It is also very easy to connect to Uganda and Kenya to spice up your safari experience in Africa with merely a negative PCR test certificate.

Magical Kenya has been one of the most hit countries by the pandemic in East Africa. Besides Rwanda, Kenya is the second country in East Africa to undergo a second zoned lockdown. However regardless of this limitation in about 5 counties of Kenya; the country has remained open to tourist as long as you possess a negative PCR test certificate.

Maasai Mara is Kenya’s leading tourism destination but beyond Maasai Mara; the magical Kenya has a number of safari experiences including but not limited to mountain climbing and hikes in the Mount Kenya highlands, rafting, waterfall trips and game drives.

In case you consider crossing to Tanzania from Kenya; you will need to get a negative PCR test certificate from Kenya. The rates of the test vary.

The land of the pharaohs and pyramids is one of the most visited countries on the African continent. Whether you wish to look into the history of the great ancient civilizations; or merely the sand dunes; the land of the pharaohs offers a great insight and experience.

Like Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda; Egypt does not quarantine outbound tourist. All you need is a negative PCR test certificate. Whether you are considering a self-drive trip in Egypt; or a guided trip in Egypt, it is very possible even amidst the ravaging pandemic around the world. 

Highlights of Egyptian holidays include but not limited to; Sinai hikes, Egyptian museums, pyramids of Giza, ancient mortuary temples, Nile cruise, Cairo city tours, Red sea scuba diving, and white alien landscape among several other highlights. 

South Africa
One of the main icons of an African safari is a game drive. For a number of decades, Kruger national park has stood out as one of the best game drive destinations on the African continent. But besides the game drives; South Africa has been distinguished by the other activities it offers on top of the African wilderness safaris.

With some of the best paved roads on the African continent; you can execute Cape Town city tour at ease, ocean surfing, go mountain hiking, whale watching, visit the historical Robben island among several other activities.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic; there was a variant identified with South Africa but for now it seems business is going back to normal. With a negative PCR test certificate, you can visit South Africa without any provisions of getting quarantined.  

Photo by Keith Kasaija on Unsplash

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