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Top five tourist attractions of Leeds


Though not in the list of glittering UK cities, Leeds stands out as the bearer of history and propagator of art.

Marked in history as the hub of trade and commerce, Leeds is a Yorkshire city on the banks of River Aire. The University of Leeds, with an impeccable reputation, has made the city famous among internationals. Though not in the list of glittering UK cities, Leeds stands out as the bearer of history and propagator of art. 

We understand that not everyone is an ardent fan of history or a proud artist, but Leeds has something for everyone. Hence, we bring you significant attractions from the top 5 domains of interests among the public.

1. History & culture
Leeds lets you quickly immerse in its culture by the fascinating museum, castles, cathedrals, memorials, and monuments spread throughout the city. You can witness British history in real-time in the historical museums and monuments surrounding the city of Leeds. The city’s most iconic structure, Town Hall, built to establish trade dominance, is now open to the public to visit and hold ceremonies like marriage or musical performances. The Leeds City Museum, which intricately showcases history in its pristine form, is famous for the Egyptian-mummy from 3000 years ago. 

2. Art & literature
The city is lined with galleries, theatres, and local bookstores that take you into the magical world of creative imagination. Located close to the University of Leeds, the Leeds Art Gallery stands tall by its architectural brilliance and jaw-dropping exhibits. Since entry to the gallery is free, those staying at student rooms near Leeds University often find it the perfect place to hang out with friends on a relaxing weekend. The city also hosts various concerts, shows and literary festivals with a panel of eminent scholars, artists and activists.

3. Nature & wildlife
In a world where people are busy chasing ephemeral pleasures, being close to nature and subtleties keep us sane. Golden Acre Park and Roundhay Park’s lush green landscape gives you the correct dose of positivity and good vibes to disconnect from the hectic city life. Countryside beauties like Harrogate and Ilkley Moors are to die for. Inaugurated by Nelson Mandela, Mandela Gardens, with its award-winning depiction of British and South African elements, is the perfect place for a warm picnic. You can make use of the walking tours and trekking in the Leeds national parks.

4. Food & shopping
Apart from improving your academic and creative sides, Leeds ensures you have eateries with delicious food, arenas for games, and a floor to party hard. The first public square of Leeds, Millennium Square, sets the ground for an adorable Christmas market every year, attracting thousands of visitors through its local stalls, street food, and theme park set-up. Miller & Carter Light is a popular restaurant among students since it has all kinds of cuisines at an affordable price. In addition, myriads of shopping complexes like Corn Exchange, Victoria Quarter, and Trinity shopping centre set you out on your haul.

5. Fun activities
Students often live in private student housing near Leeds city centre to have easy access to the most happening spots like The Warehouse, The Headrow and Leeds Playhouse. Everyone in Leeds is either a mosaic lover or a sports fan. Don’t worry; both parties will be content with stadiums, concerts grounds and street art that the city preserves. The gigs and parties at different venues capture the vibrance quite well.

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