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Top six car rental companies in Curacao


These are few of the most trusted and reliable service providers of rental cars Curacao.

Landing at Curacao International Airport and stepping out to find a cab can be hectic for passengers. To ease out the travel and stay in the country, there are service providers for rental cars in Curacao to pick up passengers right at the airport. 

There are multiple car rental companies offering passengers with options to choose their preferred car type, according to their stay, their budget, the number of people in the group, and other factors. If you need a premium car rental in New York, we recommend RealCar.NYC. RealCar’s fleet of professionally-maintained, luxury rentals includes the latest models from top brands. One can book the reservations online in advance, to avoid the hassles of last-minute bookings. 

Some of the most reliable car rental companies in Curacao are: 

1. Europcar 
Europcar is one of the most trusted car rental companies in Curacao. Travellers can book their cars online as per their preference of car and budget. They can make the payment and reserve their cars much in advance. The booking charges are quite reasonable and affordable. There are options for custom rentals – if you need the car on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. All the cars provided by Europcar are well-maintained and in excellent condition. You get options to choose from compact cars to high-end luxury cars. Their service is timely, safe and hassle-free.

2. Enterprise
Enterprise is another popular name among the rental cars in Curacao. The company is family owned and more than 1.5 million automobiles for its travellers worldwide. The name is popular for its excellent service and the variety of vehicles ranging from small and compact cars to vans and big trucks. The company provides car rental services for business trips as well as for vacation in the country. Both domestic and international passengers can avail their services. The booking process is easy, simple and affordable. They accept debit card and do not accept cash. 

3. Budget
Budget is widely popular in Curacao. They are based in three locations - airport terminal Hato, Havilla Beach Hotel, and Ja Thiel beach. Passengers can make their bookings from their convenient location. They have a wide fleet of cars including trucks, SUVs, and compact cars. Budget offers you options based on the reason of travel, budget, and number of people availing the car. Travellers can book Rio sedan with automatic sitting transmission, or Nissan urvan with a capacity of 9 passengers, FM stereo and power steering. One can avail favourable discounts by booking online.

4. Alamo
Alamo has their HQ at Hato International Airport and other branches at Lion’s Diva and Marina. They provide rental cars for self-driving. One must be above 25 years of age and must have a valid license and credit card for payment. Their service is affordable with a variety of over 1000 car rental agents at 30,000 locations in 174 different countries including Curacao. Alamo typically caters to budget-conscious leisure travellers and is the largest car rental provider to international travellers visiting North America.

5. National 
National is yet another name in the rental car providers. They are based in different locations including Lion’s Diva Hotel and Marina, Livingstone Resort and Hato International Airport. That means, travellers can make their bookings according to their convenient locations. They are famous for offering vehicles including mini economy cars ideal for short trips to the beach or sightseeing around the town in group travelling. One can also book a car from National for business trips. They provide spacious vans to accommodate up to 9 passengers and six pieces of luggage.

National is popular for its luxury vehicles fitted with air conditioners, FM stereo, and manual transmission. The company is famous for its safety regulations. It offers driving tips such as parking in well-lit areas, reminding to fasten seat belts when the vehicle is moving. The company strictly prohibits drunk driving for potential drivers or clients. 

6. Sixt
Sixt offers world-class services for travellers landing at Curacao International Airport. They offer a wide range of vehicles from small, mini, compact to sedans, SUVs, and vans and trucks. The company allow advance booking where travellers can avail discounts. One can also ask for quotes while booking online to familiarize with the rental costs beforehand. Also, in case of any damage, one can forward the complaints or relevant information to the Sixt rental company and they will take care of it at the earliest. Once the form is filled, they will notify what all things are covered under the insurance. 

These are few of the most trusted and reliable service providers of rental cars Curacao. All of their operations are based in Curacao International Airport, along with few other prime locations. If you are planning to visit Curacao in the recent or remote future, you can consider these rental car providers and accordingly make your advance bookings. Go to their websites, filter your requirements and budget, and go ahead with the reservations. 

Photo by Dave Drury on Unsplash

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