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Top tips to choose the perfect photography equipment for hikers


Apart from your camera, you should have other items that can make your trip eventful. Read on to learn the top tips to choose the perfect photography equipment for hikers.

Hiking and photography are both fun and adventurous. If you are planning your next hike, you need to prepare your journey so that you will enjoy the experience to the fullest. You should make sure that you carry the right tools for the adventure. 

Apart from your camera, you should have other items that can make your trip eventful. Read on to learn the top tips to choose the perfect photography equipment for hikers.

Bring your tripod
If you are going on a solo hiking trip, then you should bring a tripod that you can use to take self-portraits. With a tripod, you can set your camera with a delayed shutter, and this is a perfect way of capturing photos of yourself. Make sure that you carry a lightweight tripod to reduce the load in your backpack. A tripod is also a surefire method that will help you to capture steady images of animals. All you need to do is mount your camera to an adjustable monopod. The good thing about a tripod is that it is flexible, and you can capture photos from different angles while in the same position. 

Choose a light camera bag
Trekking down the rugged terrain and mountainous areas can be challenging with a heavy load on your back. If you are an ardent hiker, you should know that you need the best camera backpack designed to protect your photography equipment. There are different types of camera backpacks for photographers, so you should choose the perfect item that suits your needs. When choosing a backpack, make sure that the material it’s made of is durable to protect your gear. Additionally, you should make sure that the bag is water-resistant.

The weather is usually unpredictable, and it can start raining unexpectedly. If your camera and lenses are not waterproofed, then you should get the right backpack. You also need to choose a backpack with several compartments to prevent your photography equipment from scratching. A portable and lightweight back is ideal, especially if you are not going to camp for days in the wild.

Use a camera holster
A camera holster or strap is a very important component that each hiker must-have. You can clip the holster onto the strap of your backpack and mount your camera on your chest. You can walk freely but can still access your camera quickly to capture a perfect shot. It is frustrating to experience challenges in reaching your camera when you badly need it. On top of that, your camera will be protected as you navigate the terrain where you might need to use your hands to balance on rocks and trees.

As a hiker, you probably have a great interest in wildlife and landscapes. Therefore, you will need the right focal lenses that can allow you to shoot at the appropriate range. You may want to shoot at a distance so that you are out of reach of the target. In this case, you may need a versatile zoom lens. You can choose from different focal lengths to shoot the desired subject. It is vital to choose weatherproof lenses and make sure they are rugged so that they do not get damaged while you are in the jungle.

Photo by Abhishek Saini from Pexels

You may also need a pair of binoculars before you set out for your journey. If you are interested in wildlife photography, this is when binoculars come in handy. They help you locate the subjects that you want to capture. You can also use them to survey the surrounding area to check if there is anything of interest.

Extra batteries
Nothing is frustrating like running out of power when you are in the wild. Power sources are rare in the jungle, so you should carry extra batteries instead of a charger. The advantage of carrying fully charged batteries is that they are portable. A small power bank can also give you peace of mind while on your hiking expedition.

Photography and hiking are exciting activities that you should undertake at some point in life. If you want to enjoy the experience, you must carry the right gear. For instance, you should get the perfect photography equipment for hikers like a tripod, backpack, batteries, holster, and others. You should always remember that when hiking you should keep your load at a minimum. It is essential to get rugged, durable, and waterproof gear before you set out for your trip. You must choose equipment that matters on your expedition instead of carrying certain items that you may never use.

Main photo by Pawan Yadav from Pexels

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