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Tourico Holidays launches new data mining initiative for greater insight on the global travel economy


Innovative travel wholesaler utilizing big data to map travel warming trends and hot spots.

ORLANDO, FL – Tourico Holidays, a global leader in wholesale travel brokerage, announced that it has formed an elite team of computer scientists dedicated exclusively to a new data mining effort that is intended to identify the origin and cause of shifts in travel booking behavior, and provide insights that enable distributors to optimize their marketing and sales.  The data mining initiative will examine over 200 million travel searches generated daily by Tourico – and cross-reference it with travel market data available from nSight and other trusted sources for a comprehensive analysis of industry trends.

“Our system sees billions of searches each week – providing massive piles of data on all different types of travel offerings – from air and hotel, to cruises and vacation homes,” said Einat Aviv, Data Mining Team Leader for Travel Global Systems. “By combining this intelligence with the data that’s currently available in the travel ecosystem, we’re able to capture a 360 degree view of the industry – and gain a much better understanding of supplier trends and client demand. To our knowledge, this type of effort has been unprecedented in our sector of travel.”

The new data mining program will ultimately allow Tourico to customize its travel solutions for clients and partners – helping them build individual product offers based on regional travel trends, booking behaviors, and customer profiles.  By tailoring its offerings – including hotel, air, car rental, attractions, and more – Tourico’s partners and agents can improve conversion rates and significantly enhance bottom-line revenues.

Tourico already utilizes over 50 business intelligence modules - automating everything from ordering product listings on the Tourico website and weighing risks versus rewards on prospective partnerships to managing the company’s “ExclusiveDeals”, or pre-purchased hotel room block.

Tourico’s sister company, Travel Global Systems (TGS) is overseeing the data mining initiative and will manage a team of 10 data scientists. TGS was established in 2002 and serves as Tourico’s technical arm, working to design and build innovative travel technology solutions for its network of clients and partners.

“This new initiative is huge for our business – and our industry,” said Aviv. “This is the beginning of a new chapter in travel intelligence – and the first page turns today.”

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