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Tourism sector invites Europeans to open up to travel again


Multi-channel digital campaign will drive engagement across Europe to stimulate pent-up demand for travel. Campaign to be launched as ETC’s research shows that sentiment for travelling in Europe is warming up.

ALGARVE - The European Travel Commission (ETC) presented ‘Open up to Europe’, a major promotional campaign that will play a significant role in the reopening of European tourism and revival of travel confidence this summer. Ahead of the planned easing of restrictions across Europe over the coming weeks, the tourism sector is working together to encourage Europeans to travel abroad responsibly and to provide them with the clear and comprehensive information to plan their next trip.

The ‘Open up to Europe’ campaign was introduced at ETC’s General Meeting in Algarve, hosted by Turismo de Portugal. Leading by example, the heads of European national tourism boards met in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic to show Europe’s readiness to restart travel and tourism.

‘Open Up to Europe’ – New Campaign to Kick-Start Summer Season
The campaign, led by ETC and co-funded by the European Union with the support of more than 30 destinations and travel brands, will be rolled out across Europe as restrictions are eased and countries open up for travel. The UK and Germany are the first markets where the campaign will launch as of mid-June. ‘Open up to Europe’ will continue running throughout the whole summer and is expected to reach 26 million potential travellers across Europe.

This multi-channel digital campaign is designed to drive online engagement and reassure potential tourists that destinations and tourism businesses in Europe have implemented all the necessary health and sanitary protocols and are open for visitors. As part of the campaign, ETC and partners have developed the microsite which will be a one-stop-shop for those considering their travel plans for summer 2021. It will include all the latest updates and information about travel experiences that consumers can enjoy in Europe this summer, with a focus on nature, culture and gastronomic experiences. The microsite will also offer practical tips and advice about how to travel in Europe, including important information about the EU Digital COVID Certificate and the European Tourism Covid-19 Safety Seal.

Speaking at the campaign press conference earlier today, President of ETC and Turismo de Portugal, Luís Araújo stated: "This is a truly momentous day for European tourism, providing optimism for what we hope will be an exciting summer ahead for European destinations. ETC and the leading voices in European tourism are today declaring that Europe is opening up. European destinations, travel and tourism businesses are ready to provide that smooth, harmonious experience to travellers that has been missing for so long. This campaign will include all the information that tourists want and need as they are planning summer trips, as we work together to encourage more responsible and sustainable tourism.”

European Travel Sentiment is Warming up with Summer in Sight
The launch of this campaign is well-timed, coming after the latest research from ETC shows that many Europeans[1] are hopeful of a summer getaway, with a majority (56%) planning a holiday by the end of August 2021. Of those, 49% are willing to travel to another European country, providing hope for many European destinations.

Among the early-bird travellers, 9 out of 10 already have specific dates planned for their vacations, with most of those polled planning to travel in July and August (46%).

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