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Tradewind Voyages charts a course for new cruise collections with its 2022/23 program launch


Ahead of Golden Horizon’s inaugural sailing ex Harwich on July 1, Tradewind Voyages has launched its 2022/23 program for the 272-passenger tall ship. Four new collections, spanning 23 different voyages, have been announced by the start-up: North Pacific Collection, West Coast America Collection, South Pacific Collection and Antipodean Summer Collection. The extensive
program will see the ship calling at more than 20 countries for the first time, including Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, French Polynesia, Fiji and New Zealand. From idyllic island-hopping in the Philippines to scenic sailings around Alaska; cruising from Costa Rica to Chile and capturing the spirit of the original seafaring adventurer in the Cook Islands, Golden Horizon will deliver a whole new voyage of discovery. Its maiden voyage to New Zealand will be complemented with a return to Australia for more southern hemisphere summer sunshine.

The ship will undertake several different voyages in Japan throughout May and June 2022, before heading to Alaska, via Russia and the Aleutian Islands, then into Canada and USA. It will continue with a series of sailings through Central and South America, from August to October 2022, taking in Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, including Easter Island. The world’s largest tall ship will then sail through the Pitcairn Islands to abundant island paradise: French Polynesia, Tonga, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji, are amongst the many ports of call. Golden Horizon will sail into 2023 with an extended spell in Australia and New Zealand.

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