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Travel and meetings industry gets online and social media experience

Media and marketing in the travel and meetings industry has finally come of age in the form of Meeting the World.
SCOTTSDALE - Both a key online and social media marketing tool for destinations, venues and other suppliers, and an essential resource providing inspiration and insight for travel and meetings planners, Meeting the World has recently officially launched following months of preparation.

Meeting the World’s innovation lies in bringing together a range of online and social media channels to create a unique, engaging and informative experience for travel and meetings planners. It’s multiple channels, from main web channel to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, make Meeting the World highly accessible from computer or mobile, delivering insight wherever travel and meetings planners need it most.

Meeting the World’s unique selling point is its high-quality, engaging video guides to destinations across the globe, which aim to inspire those involved in planning and organising business travel and corporate events. These are hosted on Meeting the World’s main web channel, saving business travel and meetings buyers considerable time and money in researching destinations, while providing destinations and venues with a unique marketing opportunity.

We support our stunning travel guides with regular news and insight to drive people to our main web channel, while all content is promoted through our social media channels,” explained Meeting the World chief executive Ian Quartermaine. “We really do believe we’ve created something innovative, exciting, and more importantly highly effective. We offer a fantastic marketing opportunity to the luxury travel, business travel and corporate events industries, that’s far more cost effective than traditional marketing campaigns.

The main online TV ‘travel show’ for each destination is around 20 minutes long, making it perfect for iTunes. This is then divided into more web-friendly five-minute excerpts. Plus Meeting the World also shoots a series of shorter, edgier and highly viral ‘insider’ video blogs to complement the main guide, which it distributes to its growing social media audience. Each destination that books a video guide also gets complete access to the video along with expert guidance on how to get the most out of it from a marketing perspective.

Meeting the World has recently added to its growing video destination guide portfolio with a series on major German cities, which are currently being rolled out online.

Meeting the World offers us an ability to showcase Germany through its in-depth and high-quality video productions, but also from the insider video blogs, which have become increasingly popular across our industry and beyond,” said Matthias Schultze, managing director of the German Convention Bureau, which was involved in commissioning the guides. “These two vehicles lend themselves beautifully to highlighting the best that Germany has to offer the meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions industry.
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